Bucket Hat It Back | 90s series

Meadow Dress: Motel Rocks*
Light Up Trainers: Ebay or Cheaper Alternative
Bucket Hat: Paris In Cuffs

Here is the second installment of my 90s series.

It's coming into summer, which I am so happy about because it means i can wear my bucket hat everyday and nobody can tell me i cant! 

I discovered the other day why i love my personal style someday's. It's because I wear things that often not only remind me of the 90s/ my childhood but also others around me. Whether that be a stranger on the tube or a friend, it often makes them smile and remember theirs. You cant not have a genuine smile on your face when you see these light up trainers or Pokemon necklace.

My mum and I were also talking the other day that the demands on modern childhood are so much more. When I was growing up I was just trying to budget my monthly £10 top up on my Nokia 3510 and if i could buy a £3 lucky dip bag from Claire's Accessories, maybe a slice of pizza in Pizza Hut. But now theirs iphones and everything that goes along with it - its actually pretty scary and I really do think its a shame that kids nowadays miss out on the simpler things.

Bet you couldnt entertain a kid nowadays with a alien baby or yoyo...


I'm A Barbie Girl

Lipstick: Barry M
Jumper: Primark

So my mum bought me a Hello Kitty pomegranate tea drink because she knows I love cute little things like that. I then wanted to be Hello Kitty so shot this ridiculously pink look.

That is all....

ps. this is the closest I will ever get to being a 'beauty blogger' - i cant do make-up for shit haha!


Heba Clothing x The Young Eccentric (1/2)

Chokers and sweety bracelets: things i've hoarded from the 90s
Shoes: IKrush

So a few weeks ago I went to Heba HQ to do a blogger takeover! I was super excited at the prospect of finally wearing and styling the dreamy pieces made by mega talented Heba.

I am going to do this feature in two parts. This was the first outfit which featured the star fish mesh dress was just dreamy!!!!! I’m not a girly girl so i love how the mesh make’s it more grunge yet the star fish over the boobies are a little sassy yet still super cute, which in my eyes is the perfect combo.

We shot it on this incredible nebula background which i loveeeeed! Look how epic the pics look with it thanks to Kiran Gidda.

We also uncovered that i have a hidden talent for blowing bubbles! I felt like i wanted to sing "i'm forever blowing bubbles" the whole day.

Go check out the interview to find out things like: My favourtite secret hobby is to binge eat whilst watching The Simpsons and why I would be a good mermaid because have always hated sand so getting me from the sea back to the shore where the people are would be a bitch.

Part 2 of my Heba Blogger Takeover update shall be coming soon!


Shoot Me Fab x Sabrina Carder

"There are models who's personality inspires you to create beautiful visuals because it adds such a positive vibe to the entire session. Meet Sabrina Carder from The Young Eccentric: a quirky, creative and bubbly model and fashion blogger we had an amazing time shooting this month. Sabrina is a big fan of vintage and charity shopping. We were impressed by her talent to style the most unusual items into eccentric 90s inspired outfits." - Shoot Me Fab (Aww thanks guys for the lovely words *getting all self -conscious and blushing here*) 

So the uber talented peeps at Shoot Me Fab and I did a collaboration last month and I can now finally share it with you! Not only are the stunning photo's below taken by Sebastien Marchand but I also did a little interview with them that you can read here. 

Outfit 1:
Top: Vintage
Jeans: Bows Don't Cry

Outfit 2:
Top: The End Is Near
Cap: This Is A Love Song

 Outfit 3:
Glitter Co- Ord: Vintage (more precisely it was my 6th birthday party outfit that i have never had the heart to throw out and either fortunatly or unfortunatly my boobs are still the size of a 6 year olds so it still fits!)
PVC Mermaid top: The Creeps Store

I also had great fun shooting a little Behind The Scenes video! Hope you like my mermaid moves ha!