Windows ERROR

Tish Jarrett Photography
 Emoji Top: O Mighty (may also find on Shop Jeen)
Microsoft bottoms: O mighty
Trainers: Nike

 Shot this look with Tish back in February and it was f f f f freezing! We went to our secret location in London only to find that half of it had been torn down! However a little bit survived so we were very happy chappy's! I'm so excited for the sun to come out soon - I love spring!

I promise you I wont post another look with these O- Mighty trousers for a while, soz for the spam - they just never get old! I have found Pikachu on them and a 'okay' button on my bottom.

Who remembers when Microsoft Windows ran the world? All the tabs you had to get up to even find one of the crap games, MSN, the paper clip animation that was never actually helpful. I still remember our first computer that you couldn't even use, all it showed was HTML code but I still liked to press the keys ha.


I've got a crush on you

 Bralet: Missguided (Similar)
Necklace: Accessories (Similar)
 Velvet Leggings: Leggsington*

I am totally crushing on these burgundy leggings from Leggingston. I am such a sucker for a comfy pair of leggings! There is nothing I love more than wearing a good pair of joggers and who said being comfy couldn't also be stylish?


Too Young To Give A Fuck

Too Young To Give A Fuck tee: Dead Legacy*

This Dead Legacy tee combines my two loves, oversized and funny slogans.

I do give a fuck, I give a fuck about important things: ambition, happiness, being nice, caring about others, health, personal growth, being grateful for what I have. However, as i have grown up i have discovered i am very lucky because I do not give a fuck about my how people perceive my appearance (ironic i know as i run a fashion blog and am a model but hear me out).

I don't wear make- up unless its a special occasion, i'm going out or doing a photoshoot. As many make-up artists will tell you i am AWFUL at having my make- up done - im such a blinker ha! Also the idea of planning a outfit seems alien to me, in the morning i just throw on what i feel like, what will make me feel happy and comfortable. I feel truly blessed that i don't live with the fear of other people's perception that most girls live in fear of. I think its so sad that most of my friends will not go out without make-up. One of my friends even slept in her make-up when she started to go out with her boyfriend!  I can see how deep rooted it is due to the media and now with instagram filters and selfie's its even worse.

So if I can share anything in this post it's if you're 12 or 22 please just try and not give a fuck about what people think. We are all guilty of this at time, we all feel insecure on days but just remember this:

  • you cant please everyone
  • live by your values not someone else's
  • surround yourself with positives
  • you can only be you 


Check Yo Self

Tish Jarrett Photography

Heya guys!

I love a funky pair of trousers, I especially loved the grid check print of these from We Are All. They are so comfy as well I never want to take them off!

I thought I'd keep it simple in monochrome (I know - very unusual for me!). Whilst I've been working, completing internships my wardrobe has gradually become more black/white/ boring. I missed my colorful clothes so much and cant wait to whack them out now!

I did manage to sneak a little colour in with this incredible gummy bear necklace from Romeing Panda! I know it looks good enough to eat doesn't it!? In fact i wore it to a party a few weeks back and a new tipsy acquaintance did bite it a few times haha!



Recently one of my best uni pals and soul sisters Gabby moved to Copenhagen on her own. Words cannot describe how proud/ inspired i am by her and i dont know what i would do without her wise words! Anyway i went to visit her for a little mini break, which was much needed after LFW but i have been working non - stop since then so havn't had the time to sit down and write about it!

Before I went Gabs had been telling me how chilled and relaxing it was out there (knowing how rubbish i am at chilling and that my stress/ worry levels are always through the roof). However, I thought "yeah right, how can a place change your mood that much!?". However i was quickly proven wrong as I ran into Gabs arms at arrivals and exclaimed to her "I LOVE Copenhagen!!!...... the toilets are amazing!" Yes I had already been sold on Copenhagen by the Airport toilets, just because they were so clean, light, simple and even they had a peaceful feel ha!

We had a wonderful 5 days as Gabs expertly showed me around the city and we basically just ate, walked, chilled and chatted - it was marvelous! I took my most neutral clothes knowing what the Scandinavian style is like and thank goodness i did - even my white jumper with slight pastel colours and blue coat was too overpowering for the Copenhagen streets!

If you ever visit Copenhagen I suggest you visit (all of which are pictured in this post):

  Copenhagen honestly is the most peaceful place and i can see why Gabs fell in love with it! I honestly hadn't felt so calm, stress free and content in a long time. I learn't a Danish word (not Dutch as i mistakenly called the language one day oops). 'Hygge', which means "creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people." Candle light and zen vibes is just a day to day routine for the Danish, which i guess is what gives it the safe/ calm feel.