Sugar Tits

Phoebe Fox Photography

Heart Top: Local Heroes
Denim Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Palladium*

I'm not gunna lie i'm impressed with the title of this post ha! Whilst Phoebe and I were running around Chinatown we came across a sweet shop that we thought would be a fab backdrop for this hella cute tee! Therefore 'Sugar Tits' was formed ha!

Lets face it we all love a bit of side boob, a bit of double side boob is even better! Lets face it a little side boob never hurt anyone. 


I'll Take You Down To Chinatown

Jumper: Local Heroes
Shorts: Topshop 

Sup everyone!

This is the first look from the shoot i did with the MEGA BABE Phoebe Fox. She's actually so talented at such a young age its kinda intimidating!  Anyway we went for a little stroll around Chinatown to shoot some items from Local Heroes and we found some fab spots! 

If you like this look you HAVE to check out some more of Local Heroes new collection on my YouTube Haul.  I loved this pastel jumper which is perfect for a chilly summer evening. The transparent panel is so cool i just love it!


Pearls Of Wisdom

Hair Extensions: Irresistible Me* 
Glasses: They were my nan's

Hey guys!

I've done a lot of stuff for this blog in the past - but scrolling through a post to check their isnt a nip slip is definitely not one of them haha (sorry mum)!

I have been waiting to shoot this amazing gold turban for ageees. It was designed by the wonderful  Margarita Moreno who runs the Mexican brand Moreno Margarita (ahh too many M's ha did you get that?). Long story short i went to school with Margarita's sister Medu (*wave* Heyyy Medu!). I'm always one for promoting inspirational young designers and Margarita definitely fits into that category! 

How long have you been away from my blog!? At the rate at which my hair has grown i'm guessing its been a while....joking! You all know i'm not a girly girl etc but no girl is EVER going to say no to long hair!!! I'm a freaking mermaid! These amazing extensions are from Irresistible Me and I never want to part with them! In short they are UH-MAZING high quality, great value and just pretty perfect! I have tried hair extentions before but I bought fake hair ones and then made the mistake of trying to dye them and curl them (what I was left with was pretty much just melted plastic). But having these has fully restored my faith and LOVE of hair extentions.

I have in:
Colour- Ash Blonde
Length- 24 inches
Weight- 200 grams (which is WAY more hair than i will ever need!)

I put it all in a video for those of you who are interested (ps. theirs also a cameo from my dog so obvs worth a watch)

ps. These glasses are my new fave! I found them at my paps house, they used to be my nan's! I need to get the lenses changed to my prescription (my nans eyesight was awful i now know haha). I can't wait until i can wear them! I love the idea of wearing her glasses and having a bit of her with me everyday whilst i work. Also my eyesight is gradually getting as bad as hers *SOBS*.


Wireless Festival | Outfit 2

Headpiece: Happy Aquarius 
Boots: Dr Marten

It is with great sadness that i post my second outfit post from Wireless Festival - i miss it already!

 I also am sad at the fact that this is probably the only festival attire i will be able to rock this festival season (unless a miracle happens and i make it to Bestival ha). 

To those of you going to Secret Garden Party here is some last minute inspo!

Also, lets all just take a min to appreciate the fact that i actually wore make-up, like eyeshadow and all that shizzz!