Paris In Cuffs

 Bucket Hat: H&M 
Plantlife socks: HUF
Casio Watch

Hey guys,

 Let me introduce you to new street wear brand Paris In Cuffs!

I love to big up independent brands and Paris In Cuffs makes my job very easy! If like me you don't want to be a streetwear clone then I strongly suggest checking out this new and thriving brand.  

Since starting Paris In Cuffs back in 2011, they've always been focused on timeless designs, designs that would last a life time, steering clear and avoiding "trends". Not just creating shirts for what's "in" for the next 5 minutes. You may recognise them from selling at Reading Fest for the past few years and they have just opened their first flagship store in Dartford Kent! With new products and a strong focus on individuals taking charge of what they want to wear i love the vibe of this brand and think they are going to go far. 

I jazzed up my trusty style of a oversized tee and creepers with my new bucket hat (bargain £3 from H&M) as well as my fave HUF socks.  


Dawson D Rose AW 2014 Collection

I recently shot the new AW14 Lookbook for the extremely talented and just all round gorgeous human-being Nzinga, the designer behind the brand Dawson D Rose.

I couldn't of loved shooting this lookbook anymore, involving such a great team and numerous laughs, oh and pizza! I thought you would all rather enjoy a glimpse at a more sophisticated looking Sabby in the most beautifully tailored garments from Dawson D Rose as well as a little bit about the brand.

Check out the full Lookbook from the marvellous team below by clicking here:

Models: Sabrina Carder,  Hannah Owen and Iki Lynn Norgren
Photographers: Rosaline Shahnavaz
                         Benjamin Haywood
Make-up: Pascale Maestri 
Stylists: Nzinga Russell 
             Chioma Anokuru 

Believing in the importance of personal style over seasonal trends, Dawson D Rose wants to allow women the option of contributing to the design process and adding their own unique touch to the pieces they wear.
Dawson D Rose is an online womenswear brand that’s all about flattering silhouettes, timeless style with a twist and customised flourishes. Born and bred in Notting Hill the brand is inspired by vintage finds.
On 20th October 2014, Dawson D Rose launched their autumn/winter offering online. Composed of classic but contemporary designs, this covetable capsule collection pairs sartorial elegance with bold and fabrics. Mixing the sharpness of men’s tailoring with a smart retro vibe, all designs are beautifully crafted in England and customisable. With sizes ranging from a UK 8 to 16, when customising their piece women can delight in selecting anything from their fabrics and linings to their leather trim. Once their unique creation is ordered the crafting process takes two weeks. Good things come to those who wait!
This collection of lux, wardrobe essentials offers incredible fit through an assortment of expertly tailored silhouettes. In addition to made-to-order blazers and tops the brand will also be extending their range of ready-to-wear neckwear.
The collection is available to view and purchase at www.dawsondrose.com .

Also keep an eye out of the Dawson D Rose blog for some great features about Hannah, Iki and myself. 


Spectacle Wearer Of The Year 2014 with Gok Wan

A few weeks ago on the 7th October, I had the absolute pleasure of attending Spectacle Wearer Of The Year 2014. The Specsavers event celebrated its 7th year running, not only celebrating spectacle wearer’s young and old but also to raise funds for the brilliant charity Kidscape.

The day before the event I had the amazing opportunity to interview Kidscape ambassador and SWOTY presenter Gok Wan.  I was feeling pretty calm about the whole thing waiting outside. However when the door opened and Gok stood up to greet me warmly saying, ‘Hi I’m Gok!’, as our oversized glasses bashed against each other going in for the fashion double kiss my brain went into a little bit of a whirl.

I hope my cool outward appearance did not demonstrate my inward thoughts, which at that moment went a little bit like this: ‘UAHEFY!  Oh my god its Gok Wan! This man taught me how to dress through my unsteady teenage years! He’s fashionista royaly! Should I bow? …No stupid.’

I then luckily managed to become as professional as Bridget Jones when she conducted the interview with Eleanor Heaney and Kafir Aghani and ask Gok a few questions about the SWOTY awards:

Sabs - You’ve been presenting Spectacle Wearer Of The Year for many years what’s your favorite thing about the event?

Gok – I don’t want to sound like a do- gooder but it is the charity.  I feel very lucky that Specsavers introduced me to Kidscape, which is such a wonderful charity for anti-bullying. Bullying is still not taken seriously and because of my past it is something that I feel is very important.

S- Have you had any highlight or memorable experiences from the past years?

G- Oh you’ve put me on the spot now. Um my parents usually come to the awards and one year my dad tried to take everything from the hotel, like the bubble bath and even the pillowcases! So on a personal level that was pretty memorable! (laughs) It’s just such a great atmosphere and evening, no expense is spared and it’s great to see my friends in the industry.

S- To you what is the definition of someone who looks good in glasses? Have you got any tips?

G -Its all about the confidence!

My inward thought at that moment: ‘oh my gaaaad, this is a historical moment. Gok just said ‘It’s all about the confidence’ and it wasn’t coming from my TV screen!’

G –  Your glasses are one of the most important part of your appearance because they are on your face! When I woke up this morning before I chose this jacket or these trousers I chose these glasses (as Gok points to his geek chic pair which have his GW logo on the side.) It’s important for your glasses to say something; I think they have to be a statement, whether it is from big bold frames to the thin metal style.

You design lots of wonderful designs for Specsavers, do you think glasses can show someone’s personality?

G – Absolutely! They definitely can tell you a lot about a person. I think they can also make people very attractive; I can see a man without glasses and think they are not attractive but then when they put their glasses on and suddenly become very attractive!

To enter the SWOTY awards people of all ages had to enter a selfie in their specs, are you a fan of the selfie?

(laughs) of course I love a good selfie!  

Gok, forever being a fashionista god, helping make woman all over the world look better then taught me how to take a selfie (or as I found out the following night a selfie is your specs is now branded as a ‘spelfie').

Firstly a selfie can only be taken on a phone as Gok explained its such a cop out and unauthentic when people take it with a camera as he compared “It's like going to a Chinese restaurant and there not being anyone Chinese in the kitchen (laughs)". 

Now the trick is to hold the phone around 4 inches above your head and always use the side button. I immediately shared this knowledge with my mum later that afternoon who proceeded to say ‘there’s a side button!?’ Try out Goks little trick because it does work ( I mean duh Gok told me!)

The following night I attended the star- studded awards ceremony at 8 Northumberland Avenue and it was fabulous! 
What I wore:

 Dress: Choies.com
Shoes: New Look
Spectacles: Cheap Monday at Specsavers 

Having had Goks selfie lesson the day before I decided to put it to good practice and created a little challenge. How do you think I did? haha

Rylan Clark, Stephan from Gogglebox, Greg Wallace, Vanessa from The Saturdays, Christopher Biggins, Simon Webbe, Timmy Mallett, Kimberly Wyatt, Kimberley Walsh.
Gok was on top form as usual and presented the awards in his usual sassy, humorous manner. Amongst all the celebrity awards given to the likes of Timmy Mallet and Amy Childs was also the crowned Spectacle Wearers of the Year given to members of the public, the overall winner being Michaela Williams who won £10,000 and a holiday to the Bahamas! 

The night also included a raffle and auction in aid of anti-bullying charity Kidscape done expertly by Christopher Biggins as well as a performance by Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh!  The after party also continued the glamorous feel with Kimberly Wyatt in the DJ booth and a rather hilarious photo booth to capture all the tipsy guests.
The best part about the event was that a grand total of £45,000 was raised for Kidscape on the night. Having been to a total of 4 schools and always struggling with fitting in at school and also experiencing a few mean girls at university, the charity of Kidscape is one that I couldn’t talk more highly about, especially in the current age with social media. Thanks to the SWOTY awards Kidcape can continue its life-changing work with the targets of bullies and I feel so grateful and honored that I was a part of the evening.


We are the kids our parents warned us about.

Suns and Moons two set: Motel Rocks
Gillet: Celeb Look
Boots: New Look
Goth beanie: Kill Star Clothing 

So I posted a selfie on my instagram a while back of this outfit and y'all were loving it! I'm guessing its because its bad ass! Yeah you know it, I make them good girls go bad haha. Not a role model for your children.


Aint No Party Like A SkinnyDip Party


 Here's a little post from the awesome SkinnyDip London x Selfridges Launch along with a exclusive sneak peek at the new collection.

Now you all know I have been a fan of SkinnyDip for ages and they just keep getting better! With a ton of yummy cocktails, photobooth fun and DJ skills from Zara Martin (whose collab with SkinnyDip is going to be in-sane!) it was one jolly good night!

Surrounded by way too many amazing new products it was so hard to choose a favorite! From the Sassy, Fries Before Guys and Im Really A Unicorn iphone cases as well as the extremely cute furry monster clutch and headphones I was running around like a crazed pink monster.

In hindsight it probably wasn't the best first event to take my reserved twin Lucinda too as I was like a hyper child running around amongst all the colourful, shiny and fluffy things (I was literally in heaven).  I think I heard her finally say "i'm not with her" when myself Lucy and Analise decided to change the SkinnyDip balloons around to spell out NIPS - I think we all had quite sore heads in the morning haha. Aint No Party Like A SkinnyDip Party!