I wish that I could forget about the stupid little things

Twinkle Eyes Top - The Creeps Store
Fur Gillet - Celeb Look
Polka Dot Skirt - Yes For 
Cleated Soul Boots - New Look 
Fedora - Warehouse
Purple Lipstick - Manic Panic

All black everything.

 I have really got into wearing black at the moment, I always consider people who dress all in black to look really boring but as per usual i am still finding ways to make my dress sense a little quirky even if i am dressed in one colour! 

I am slightly obsessed with textures at the moment and am especially loving this mesh polka dot skirt and mesh crop top paired with this rather monster fur gillet. Oh also I am LIVING in these heeled boots from New Look, they are the comfiest thing ever! My friends keeps saying 'Ooh Sabs you look dressed up' but that's only because I either look like i'm about to walk a catwalk or look homeless - there in no sensible in between.

Final note: everyone check out the purple lips! Yes not my normal red - i'm loving experimenting with different lip colours at the moment (my mums not enoying it haha).


Let me be your Ariel

Planet Choker - The Creeps Store
Mermaid Bikini Bottoms - This Is A Love Song
Buffalo Boots

Okay so hands up if your favorite Disney character when you were younger was Ariel? *hand shoots up*.
I had a weird phobia of all Disney characters when I was younger apart from Ariel and Donald Duck (yes i was a very weird child). It made it great fun for my mum and dad whose treat of taking their kids to Disneyland (most kids dream) just ended up with me crying and running around the park hysterically!

Anyway this is my modern day mermaid outfit involving the insanely cool PVC confetti filled two set from The Creeps Store!


Happy 2nd Birthday The Young Eccentric!

Buffalo Boots
Pokemon Necklace I Made

Hey guys!

So duh duh duuuuh my blog turned 2 years old this week! How insane is that!?
I celebrated by lying on my bed in a pile of pokemon cards playing on my gameboy. I recently discovered my child keepsake box and literally nearly cried when i found all my 90's childhood faves! 

To anyone who have followed my blog for these past 2 years will know how much i love the 90's and anything nostalgic so i thought this would be a perfect post to celebrate my blog birthday!

A massive thank you to you all for putting up with my weird, whacky and massively versatile style for these past two years! I am speechless and cant even put into words how much this blog has changed my life and me and a person. 

I just started this blog as a shy, kooky and introvert girl where one of the only ways i could express my personality was through my clothes. To anyone who has met or worked with me in these past two years will tell you i'm no longer that shy, nervous, socially awkward girl who hid in corners in weird outfits. I now have so much more confidence in myself and i have everyone who has ever visited this blog to thank! So thank you!

Love you all,


LFW SS15 Street Style

Picture from The Daily Mail
Jacket - boohoo.com
Top - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Ark.co.uk
Glasses - vintage (from the 90's baby)
Bag - H! By Henry Holland
Jelly Shoes - I DIY'd myself

Hey guys,
 Sorry im a bit behind with posts!
 Here are just a few pics of what I wore to LFW Day 1 where i had a marvelous time with Boohoo.com and a ton of my blogging babe friends! Followed by some of my fave street style around Somerset House!

Isabella Barter

Amy Valentine

Arian Humirang

Olivia Emily

Lucia Grace

So my street style search at LFW ended up being mostly me just catching up with my fave blogger friends at Somerset House. Im so lucky to be friends with some stylish babes!


I Dont Trust Me Either

All the goodies from - Shop Seasouth *I am not included 

Another outfit post featuring the wonderful selection of goodies i got to shoot being the face of Shop Seasouth. I kinda fell in love with all the cute rings, i never wear jewellery but after being indulged in all the gold swag i got to rep i may be wearing more.