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 T-shirt: £2 off Vinted (a new-ish selling app, I love it!) 
Boots: Buffalo Boots

I got this shirt off Vinted, a new selling app, which I am loving! You can follow me by searching 'youngeccentric' and I upload new items regularly. I was searching through and found this gem of a oversized tee. Now you all know how much I love a statement tee, whether it be food graphics to humorous slogans, thinking about it i probably wear my heart on my tee. 

Well this tee had me laughing out loud and reminded me of many a Tumblr posts I have reblogged, so I just had to get it. With the winter looming i was aware i would be pretty cold if i went out in just that so I added a trusty jumper. I really don't want to admit this but this jumper is my favorite (mostly due to my lack of nice warm ugly jumpers).  So many of my friends and family have said "I love your jumper, where did you get it!?" to which I inwardly die and mumble something about a vintage shop. Its a long story but i shall maybe do a post with it in soon.


She lives in a fairytale, somewhere too far for us to find

Co Ord: Motel Rocks at Ark Clothing
Platform boots: Ark Clothing 
Fedora: Warehouse

My co-ord collection is now insane thanks to Becca at Ark for forever sorting me out with my fave type of clothing. I have said it before and i shall say it again, you just cant go wrong with a co-ord. They are easy to throw on, you know everything is going to match, its just the perfect no fuss outfit. 

As its coming into autumn I'm loving all the floral prints! (i know, i know, florals? for spring? groundbreaking haha). This black and multi colour floral print is perfect for me as its not too girly and can be grunged up with my new favorite boots (like literally i have not taken them off my feet!) plus Henry Holland was a fan when I wore them to catch up with him at Debenhams to customise a H! By Henry Holland item the other day - i shall do a blog post on it soon but at the moment I am interning so my days and nights due to the long commute are eating up most of my time but i'm LOVING IT! Anyway, back to the co-ord! My fave thing about it is the wrap around style of the skirt that reminds me of my school gym skirt haha im loving the tennis skirt trend at the moment! The top is also very cute with a deep V design in the back to add a little daring detail!

On another note all my money (now non existent money) is going on either travel or charity shops. My mum is very close to banning me from charity shops after i came home with a massive bag of multi coloured plastic balls (like the ones you used to get in the ball pits you used to play in when you were younger) as well as this awesome little crochet blanket! My bath is now filled with them so i have my own private ball pit (yes im so cool ha) but dont worry im not completely insane i am shooting something special with them which you guys shall have to wait and see.



If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark.


This Paris In Cuffs tee is my new fave - its so freaking comfy and the graphic print is hella cute. I also now have a obscene beanie hat collection, with this one being one of my faves! I love the ironic Paris graphic, it was highly amusing watching people on the tube trying to work out what swear word it was.....syke!

Also, a very exciting event happened this week to do with Yahoo Lifestyle! Thank you to all who helped support me back in August for their Girl On The Ground competition! Well since then Yahoo have secretly been planning a very exciting new project for a select group of us fashion and beauty bloggers - all details of which can't be revealed quite yet but i had the absolutely amazing pleasure of meeting the Yahoo Lifestyle's Girl On The Ground group this week at The Apartment at The Hoxton! To read a little bit about it head to Yahoo Lifestyle and follow the hashtag #GIRLSOTG 


too little, way too late

 Skirt and Top: Front Row Shop
Sandals: Missguided

These are two of my favorite staples in my wardrobe at the moment. They are two very simple wardrobe staples, just a midi skirt and t-shirt but have been given a wonderful revamp from Front Row Shop. The tee is made of iridescent mesh and the skirt has a white checked overlay, its literally mesh overload heaven! Its my grown up mermaid outfit.


The scariest thing to be is yourself, so that's my Halloween costume.

My mum particularly gets scared about what i'm going to come downstair's wearing haha

My mum (left) Johanne (right)

Hey Guys!

Bit late but Happy Halloween!  Hope you all enjoyed it!

As you all know I LOVE Halloween which probably got passed down to me from my mum and her friend Johanne. This was my first Halloween at home as I have been at uni in York for the past 3 years. I'm not gunna lie i wasn't looking forward to it - i had some of the best nights of my life at uni on Halloween, dressing up as a Skeleton with glow in the dark hair, the only way i was recognisable was because of my white creepers and the next morning my hair was still glowing through my beanie hat in the screening room (embarrassing!). The next year I was Sabrina The Teenage Witch (duuh) and yes last year I did go as Miley Cyrus, which i shall never live down! This year i had absolutely no idea what to go as but luckily came across this illustration on Tumblr which said "The scariest thing to be is yourself, so that's my Halloween costume". The quote resonated with me as before starting this blog i was definitely more scared and hesitant about dressing how i wanted too and being the person i wanted to be. I hope that through my blog I help encourage others to be themselves. I know its scary at times, it still is for me and even yesterday my mum told me to go back upstairs to change as "she wasn't going out with me looking like that", haha! However, now instead of getting upset or feeling unsure about myself i just shrug and think, "well i'm not everyone's cup of tea maybe the people on my blog will like it" haha.

Anyway back to Halloween, this year i wasn't really excited about spending it with my mum but it actually turned out to be pretty amazing! We drove around in Johanne's convertible with them in full witches costumes, went trick or treating at her friends very spooky house, got take away pizza's and scared the poor pizza guy by jokingly asking if he thought we would find boyfriends that evening. We also walked around Sainsbury's to get some wine (surprisingly we wern't the only people dressed up, there was The Joker behind us at the checkout). We also let a load of random dressed up kids in Johanne's convertible for a photo. After terrorizing the town we all went back to Johanne's amazingly decorated house and watched Hocus Pocus (1993) -my mum isnt good with scary films ha and ate cute Halloween nibbles.   


speak the truth even if your voice shakes

 Jumpsuit: Yesfor.com
Perspex Clutch: SkinnyDip London

I wore this to a party the other day and i was so happy to finally have a event to wear it to! 

I am such a sucker for anything backless and low cut, however the fact that its a jumpsuit also makes it classy wahaaay!

Being me I also had to add a bit of bling and sass with a bit of SkinnyDip.