I've got more balls than you boy

Top and Bottoms: O- mighty

This is the last in my ball pit series. I had so much fun shooting and styling this! The last look was pretty easy - i just threw on all my clobber from O-mighty! I am so in love with O-mighty and have been for a few years - my collection of their clothing just keeps on growing.

I love their stuff but as you can see its pretty 'out there' and i didn't wear the stuff i already owned very much because i was too self conscious. So, when i purchased this outfit i made it a mission of mine to push myself to wear it out more! And so i did, and it was great! I have worn this exact outfit, along with my large pastel coat out and about in London and it was the best feeling ever! Yeah i noticed a few people staring, yeah some 14 year old girls were pointing at me and giggling but I was wearing what i wanted, what made me happy and I didn't care what anyone thought of me - that feeling was the best in the world!

So the lesson here is blogsphere - as a 'fashion blogger' i often wear outfits in blog posts that I absolutely LOVE and that give me a sense of euphoria just by wearing them. But in the past I have chicken last minute when it comes to wearing them out or altered them slightly.  I have found that this is mostly because i was going out with friends or family which makes me more self-conscious about them not wanting to be seen with me or being embarrassed by me. However if you push yourself like I did and go out on your own being completely true to yourself and wearing what you want then you shall find that you actually don't feel self-conscious at all. I'm on a roll now - soz mum.


Lookin' Way Past You

Bucket Hat: Paris In Cuffs*
White Undershirt: Paris In Cuffs*
Light- Up Trainers: Inu Inu
Fluffy bag: Monki
Planet Choker: The Creeps Store
Green Lipstick: Manic Panic 

Firstly, I squealed with joy when my Paris In Cuffs bucket hat arrived! I freaking LOVE a bucket hat! I also love the simple style of this ever so brilliant Paris In Cuffs one!

Secondly EVERYONE has been asking me about their undershirts, which could also be because I've been living in mine! I have been layering it for the chilly days or wearing it as shirt dresses, which I absolutely luuuurve! 

I was keeping it classic with all white everythaaang. Which includes my UH-MAZING new light up trainers that my sister got me for my 22nd (yes for my 22nd i asked for light- up trainers ha)! I am madly in love and feel like i'm 12 again! My friend Jade also got me this gorgeous fluffy pink bag for my birthday (that girl knows me too well!) and I thought it would be a great way to sass up the outfit Sabby Style.

Now all I need to do is go out and rave! I havn't been out since New Year! I've been busy working and ya know being broke.



Tish Jarrett photography

Snapback: Primark 

I have started to get slightly obsessed with all things Kawaii and Japenese. So when I saw this TIALS shirt i just HAD to have it! Its just perfect grunge look with a mesh back and goes perfectly with my over the knee boots.

I started to get interested in Kawaii when I interviewed some Lolita's for the documentary I made in my final year of uni which was called The New Youth. It followed three new sub culture groups Street Goth's, Cyber Goths and Kawaii. I had so much fun finding out all about their different fashions and the meanings behind it. Ever since I have definitely become more Kawaii as a result ha. Don't worry i shall not be going full on Lolita on your arses anytime soon!


Wish I Could Be Part Of That World

Meadow Slip Dress: Motel Rocks
Light Up Trainers: Inu Inu

This Motel Rocks dress made me feel like a 90s mermaid and I love it, oh so much!

Reasons why I want to be a mermaid:
- no periods
- no pants 
- perfect hair 
- you get a lure men to their deaths 
*also, free clam bra 

When i was younger i had SUCH a girl crush on Ariel. I loved her and my dream was to be a mermaid and to have Flipper as a best friend. Some things never die.


Spongebob No Pants

Tish Jarrett photography

 Spongebob Crop Top 
Tank Reflection cut out shorts: TIALS*
Boots: Ark*
Backback: Vintage
Leather Jacket: Warehouse

My sister got me this Spongebob crop top for Christmas along with a Spongebob jumper and pants. So yeah, im a tad obsessed with Spongebob - or just any cartoon actually. My perfect night is genuinely eating lots of dessert in bed whilst watching The Simpsons or The Regular Show. Which is also slightly worrying considering i have a Bsc in Film and Television and have watched some of the most profound/ groundbreaking films, tv shows, documentaries of all time. 

I am such a fan of This Is A Love Song and their new collection just proves they just keep getting better! These shorts definitely are 'first class' like they say on my arse! I love the cheeky cut outs and cant wait to wear them to a festival hopefully this summer! Also you couldn't loose me because of the reflector strips #winning.