Cheap Date? You Wish

 This sick tee is from English School London, a cool new brand set up by Josh Wilks and i-D Mag's beauty editor Isamaya Ffrench. The hand printed apparel is a fresh breathe of air and i love it! My tee is described as, 'IFMA is a fictitious cosmetics brand influenced by the functional aesthetics of pharmaceutical branding'. Obvs i chose the one that said 'Cheap Date'. I immediately loved the irony and had already imagined it paired with my 1-800-YOU-WISH jacket which makes one killaaaar outfit.

Anywhooo go check em out cos it's cool AF!

Thinking about it i think i am happily a cheap date (not like that lol) just a pint and a bit of banter is all you really need. Although saying that there is nothing worse than a tight boyf, that would be a 1-800-YOU-WISH sitch. On a related note i did wear this jacket out for a few pints the other night (not on a date) and now have pulled it and got beer spilt all over it *cry*.



Photography by Kieran Gidda

Dungarees: Rokit Vintage*
Mermaid Halter: Amy Laura Smith* 
Shoes: Palladium*

I wore this outfit a few weeks back to the SkinnyDip Launch party and I got SO many lovely compliments (i was literally bright red by the end). 

Dungarees are obviously a summer staple and obviously have to be vintage! This mermaid top by Amy is either constantly on my body or being lovingly hand washed in my bath. I just wanna be a full time mermaid!

Also if you've noticed my hair is a little longer its because i have extensions in (how freaking amazing!?)


I'm going OUT out

 Body: American Apparel 
Shoes: Missguided

I'm 22 now - going out out is a effort (so is the hangover the next day). I have actually turned into one of those people who prefers to go to bars (never thought that day would come!). 

Anyway heels are just a no for me im literally bambi on ice in them. So now this is a classic out out look, casual but still has a little bit of glam. I luuuurve this purple suede skirt from Kloth Vintage, its stunning - I think i'm still obsessed with suede from LFW.



Be all seeing in this eye halter! There shall be no bitching or talking behind your back ayyyy! 

Kiran and I shot a range of Amy's amazing halters in my studio the other week. Other than the fact that my dog wouldn't get out of it, it was pretty darn fun! 

And yes this skirt is my old dance skirt i used to wear to tap lessons when i was like 15. But it just went with the top so well i had to wear it!