LFW AW15 Day 2 | What I Wore

 Coat: Boohoo
Skirt and Top: Missguided
Boots: TK Max
Pokemon necklace: Made Myself
Glasses: Got given them free at a nightclub ha
Backpack: Vintage

My 2nd day at LFW was my fun day! 

I dressed in my usual 90s trashy style and went to a ton of shows! I mixed purple metallic with pastel fur and topped it all off with my buffalo boots which were a much more comfy choice after the day before heels! What got a lot of people talking was my Pokemon necklace which i just randomly made one evening. As i kept telling everyone - calm down its only a energy card i wasn't going to put a hole in one of my beloved Pokemon creature cards!

I also got to meet up with loads of my blogger pals which was amazzzing- more on that later! My gorgeous gal pal Josephine Cheng took these pics - utter babe!


LFW AW15 Day 1 Presenting with Yahoo Girls On The Ground

Okay so this is the most exciting post I have written in a while!

 For LFW AW15 Day 1 I got to spend the day working with the lovely Yahoo team being a presenter for Girls On The Ground!

 I should probably start off by saying that a few weeks ago us GOTG got put through our paces to make sure we were prepared for LFW! You can watch the first fun video of how we did that below:

 On the Friday of LFW I was so excited! I was reporting on all things fashion and Zoe was doing all the fab beauty bits!

The following days of LFW were taken over by the other incredible GOTG so that we could bring you all the best behind the scenes, celeb spots, trends, streetstyle and much more from LFW!

All of which can be seen in the video below! So what are you waiting for? Check it out! Then scroll down to see exactly what i got up to on the Friday!

It was a early start for the team but Zoe and I had the amazing Natasha and Kim to keep us organised! I spent the day with Natasha and she needs a massive shout out for organising the GOTG team! She was also the best support and i was so very grateful to have her there!

The first show was J.JS Lee which I LOVED! It was boyish and playful and my inner tomboy was lusting over every piece that was a perfect mix of androgyny and chic! There were some amazing structured pieces, followed by metallics and then my favorite piece in the collection was a MASSIVE pink fur dress!

My sister who was sat at home watching her twitter feed fill with LFW goss sent me a image of it saying 'you would LOVE this!'. She had no idea i was in the show ha and was very right! I wanted to pick up the model and run towards the nearest exit!

My 2nd show of the day was Eudon Choi whose inspiration was Japanese Architecture. The shapes were all stunning and I loved the set design!

 Zoe and I then interviewed this spaceman as our first streetstyle. My opening line was "I have to say, you are looking out of this world!"

I then went on to interview the dashing Andy Jordan who is just lovely. We had a great natter and laugh. He said he was searching for love at LFW but was having no luck so far ha! He also has a great knowledge of cows in Devon and we somehow got onto talking about 50 Shades Of Grey.

In our lunch break we went to the ME Hotel to the Ugg Suite that was much needed and amazing! There were green tea drinks, amazing food, a manicurist and everything else you need to get you through LFW!

After lunch i headed to the DAKS show! The music and clothes were all kinda sexy! It was military with a modern twist. I loved the matching hats and boots. There was also a lot of patent - now usually im not a fan but now i really want a pair of red patent boots! This is what LFW does to you!

The MIC interviewes continued as I interviewed Phoebe Lettice. I was loving her 90s style and she is just one cool gal being creative director of Illustrated People - which i fabuuulous!

Firstly how cool is this girls hair!? Secondly this is the one and only Tallie Storm. If you don't know who she is you sure will soon! She sings and has great style so obvs i was loving it!

My last interview of the day was with the lovely Kelly from Paper London! Her latest collection was influenced by architecture floor plans and mickey mouse - how incredible is that!

I then quickly popped into the Paul Costelloe presentation which i always enjoy!

Do you like my awkward 'omg im so short' smile? ha

I had a quick glass of bubbly and spotted the lovely Sam Faiers before heading out to my last show of the day!

Sass and Bide held at the Australian Embassy was a stunning location for a equally beautiful collection!

I spotted Ella from La Petite Anglaise looking gorgeous as per usual! And I couldnt miss Bipling who was being her usual YAR self and looking incredible in Lazy Oaf.

So that was it! I was very sad to hand back the Yahoo mic but also was about to do a Sim and start swaying on the spot and then collapse. 

Big love to the Yahoo team and all the Girls On The Ground - i have so much love for everyone involved and still so honoured that i get to be part of it!

I absolutely loved presenting and hopefully i shall be able to do more in the future! 


LFW AW15 DAY 1 | What I Wore

 Pajama Suit: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Suede Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Warehouse
Shoes: Clarks

Now my next post shall explain all about my wonderful first day at LFW but first i thought i would tell you about my outfit!

Basically, me being me I never learn and didn't plan a outfit. This led to me aggressively searching through my wardrobes in hopes and finding some treasure and luckily i did!

This pink pajama suit is actually pajamas and was legitimately in my PJ draw screwed up at the back. Turns out my mum bought it back from Vietnam or Cambodia years ago. I love oriental print and bright colours which i'm sure is going to come back into style soon.

Now what is in style is the 70s - it is everywhere! Through my recent modelling for Bird On A Wire i now have a obsession with suede and was ecstatic when i found this black suede blazer that my mum was going to throw out.

It was LFW and bloody freezing so i had my mums thermals on underneath (apparently i insisted a few years ago i didn't need thermals and that they were stupid). I was VERY glad to have my mums thermal bottoms hoisted up and tucked into my bra.

Last bit of info about this thrifty outfit. I was being interviewed/ street styled by Maybelline and they asked what lipstick i was wearing. Now you all know i'm no beauty blogger, the lipstick is however a gorgeous orange colour that was my Nans. As i explained to the reporter its probably very out of date and does have a kind funky smell but i love it.

This outfit just proves hoarding is always a good thing ha!