Your so H&M | Bucket Hat Babe

 Denim Jacket: Vintage
Ripped Jeans: Boohoo.com*
Bralet: Boohoo.com
Bucket Hat: H&M
Boots: New Look 

I got SO excited when i found this bucket hat in the H&M sale for £2! I was sale shopping with my sis (which meant i had my ipod in and followed her round, nonchalantly nodding my head at things she picked up). Finding this bucket hat however made it all worth it! I also love these ripped mum jeans, they go with everything!


Just a Nan in a van.

Motel Tiara Dress: Ark Clothing (£15)*
Cleated Sole Boots: Ark Clothing (£24)*
Nana Beanie: Nana Judy*

This 'Nana' beanie has been getting so much hype! I have been wearing it loads since i went to the Nana Judy new collection launch at the Hoxton Basement. I recently wore it on boxing day as it was very chilly and a family gathering so I didn't quite think my other beanies with swear words on were appropriate. A random guy came up to me and asked if his gran could put the beanie on for a picture which was pretty jokes!

I also love this beanie because it reminds me of my Nan. To shoot this look my sis and I thought it would be funny to shoot it in my car, which used to be my nan's. We call it the van as the number plate has VAN at the end and it is a 19 year old white vintage monster but its my favorite thing in the world.

I grunged up this purple floral dress from Ark with my a pair of chunky cleated sole boots and a choker.


. . . Blank Space . . .

Oriental Pink Trouser Set: My mum picked up on her travels years ago 
Lita Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 
Belt: Vintage
Necklace: H&M

So it's been a while since I posted a look from my usual spot with my vinyl player and vintage suitcase. I found this oriental pink pajama suit at the back of my cupboard and felt like i had found treasure! Although they are technically PJ's its just to pretty not to be seen so i am definitely going to wear it out! I think it probably came from my mum's travels when she went to Vietnam and Cambodia, its stunning and wish i could find more of the gems she bought back all those years ago.


I shy away in my mind

Jumper: Primark 
Furby cluth: Claire's Accessories
Septum Ring: Claire's Acessories
Sandals: Missguided 
Pokemon Necklace: A little bit of DIY 


Happy New Year everybody!! Whose hungover? *my hands up*

I recently rekindled my love of Photoshop. I love making images look trashy and 90s. I shot this outfit a while back but thought it needed something extra to emphasise the 90s weirdness.

I bought this pink fluffy jumper from Primark as I have wanted the fluffy two set from GFD forever but this was a great cheap alternative! Basically, I wanted to look like a Furby okay! This outfit made me very happy as i accessorized with my fave Furby clutch and Holographic sandals.

I was also very happy to find these glasses that i got given at a event i modelled at a while back -they make everything rose tinted! :)

However my favorite 2 things about this outfit our:
1. My Pokemon necklace, that I made when i found my old Pokemon collection and literally nearly cried i was so happy!
2. My septum ring! I have always wanted my septum pieced and love how faux ones are now in fashion so i can wear mine without feeling like a twat.

Also is it just me who is still obsessed with Claire's Accessories!? My mum used to try and stop me going in there when i was a kid because i always used to come out with 'toot' but i loved those lucky dip bags you could buy for like £3!! Unfortunately for my poor mum i still go in there and come out with some marvelous things! However recently i did have to stop my 21 year old self from buying a Furby backpack which was obviously made for a 5 year old and so therefore made me into a hunchback.


Not A Temporary Crush

 Polo Neck: Warehouse
Leather Shorts: H&M
Over The Knee Boots: Public Desire
Belt: Vintage
Bag: Whistles

Hey Guys!

Hope you all had a great Christmas! 

I got lots of lovely presents including these knee high boots from my mum which I have been wanting for ages! 

These were the third pair I tried (i'm pretty picky when it comes to footwear, I like to be comfy!) 
I first got a pair from Heelberry but they were too baggy for my legs. I then splashed out on a ASOS pair but my feet felt a little squished so I then got these from Public Desire. Third time lucky! 

Over the knee boots are all in this season but even I was a bit scared to wear them. I don’t think I have ever felt so intimidated by an item of clothing! I was certain by wearing the boots I would end up looking like either Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Puss In Boots or Jack Sparrow!

 So if you are having apprehensions like I did at first check out my post on Yahoo Girls On The Ground 'How To Style: Over The Knee Boots' which shall hopefully give you some inspiration!


Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!

My dog looked cuter than me in her Christmas outfit...

Thank you Funky Christmas Jumpers for my cute reindeer jumper! Celebs such as Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Rita Ora, Scott Disick and many others have all been spotted wearing Funky Christmas Jumpers! I can see why because they are so well made and warm! I have not wanted to take mine off! I wore it to the little Christmas film festival we had yesterday. We watched Frozen, Elf and Love Actually with lots of food and drink, which was fabulous!

I'm realising now that I'm older its not as easy to answer the question 'What do you want for Christmas?' There are many relatable quotes such as "Dear Santa, This year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don't mix those two up like you did last year".

However I have discovered that for Christmas all i want is a sense of purpose. A career, financial security, to be able to sleep without being a insomniac because of worry, a boyfriend. Unfortunately none of those things can be bought they have to be earned. Now, i am not one afraid of hard work so 2015 Bring. It. On! I have been baby stepping towards my goals since leaving uni but I'm hoping that in 2015 I can do a few more leaps!

Anyway have a great Christmas everyone! Spend it with the people you love, enjoy yourselves and be merry!