Top: My sister bought it for me 
Shoes: JuJu

Hey guys!

I thought i would brighten your day with a bit of 90s!

Alien Babies, My Little Pony, Gameboys, Pokemon, Furby's, Bart Simpson - these jeans have them all! The only thing it was missing was Spongebob but luckily i have more than one garment with that loveable yellow fellow on it.  

I also DIY'd these jelly shoes with stickers for a LFW a few seasons back. I think i did it one night when i was suffering from insomnia and it was so much better to wake up tired with a new sassy pair of shoes than just tired.



There's a whole in my heart since you've been gone.

Glitter Co-Ord: Vintage
Heart top: Local Heroes
Shoes: Palladium *

I look like a FURRRBBYYYY (or a Care Bear!) either way ITS FREAKING AWESOME! 

Not really sure what else to say... so peace out.


I'll Take You Down To Chinatown

Jumper: Local Heroes
Shorts: Topshop 

Sup everyone!

This is the first look from the shoot i did with the MEGA BABE Phoebe Fox. She's actually so talented at such a young age its kinda intimidating!  Anyway we went for a little stroll around Chinatown to shoot some items from Local Heroes and we found some fab spots! 

If you like this look you HAVE to check out some more of Local Heroes new collection on my YouTube Haul.  I loved this pastel jumper which is perfect for a chilly summer evening. The transparent panel is so cool i just love it!


Sugar Tits

Phoebe Fox Photography

Heart Top: Local Heroes
Denim Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Palladium*

I'm not gunna lie i'm impressed with the title of this post ha! Whilst Phoebe and I were running around Chinatown we came across a sweet shop that we thought would be a fab backdrop for this hella cute tee! Therefore 'Sugar Tits' was formed ha!

Lets face it we all love a bit of side boob, a bit of double side boob is even better! Lets face it a little side boob never hurt anyone.