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Hi the blogging universe!
I am a avid blogger and have owned two tumblr's for a couple of years however i have decided to create a 'propper' blog in order to have more freedom and to create my own personal space.
Now im not really sure about what direction this blog shall take, i think that just like most things i love it shall be eclectic, a little eccentric and mismatch but i hope you enjoy it whether your a quick passer though or someone who checks it out regularly.
Here is a list of things i shall endeavour to blog about:

  • music
  • art
  • photography
  • fashion
  • posts from my own lookbook
  • clothes i make/ rework
  • all things vintage (im especially obsessed with tea cups, vinyl and anything you would find in your nans house)
later on i shall explain a little bit about myself but until then this is goodbye - it may take me a few weeks to fully create this blog but hey slow and steady wins the race.

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