I aint no hipster


                                                                       i aint no hiptser

I'm back at uni and people keep calling me 'Hipster' once again - the social convention of hipster has now been defined as any human being wearing a cross (t-shirt, earrings, leggings - you name it) which angers me to the point of no return. I literally want to go and strip all 13 year old girls of creepers, stud and cross items and dip dyed hair which has now become the latest fashion.

 Ironically my mum aware of my alternative style thought this cross top from Primark would be perfect for me as i made one for myself over 2 years ago when they weren't even it shops.

I am so ill at the moment with freshers flu #2 however i had a surprisingly large amount of time before my 9am lecture so decided to do some eye make up. I also am glued to my beanie hats they are just so warm and snuggly. I am a bit excited about halloween already so painted my nails orange with black crackle on top - come on now, who doesnt love halloween!? you can pretend to be whoever you want for a night

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