day 1


Day 1 of London Fashion Week is complete - i survived! It was lovely to meet so many other bloggers and please do contact me i would love to keep in touch!

Today i survived purely on adrenalin, jelly beans and coffee and it was an amazing experience. Got 'street style spotted' numerous times which i was very honoured about! Motel even gave me a £10 voucher!

shows: Rohmir, Jena Theo, Nian Janucha, Runway Collective

freebies: mulberry tote, badges, mac make- over, snog yogurt (by handsome male models), sweets, numerous coffee's (although the cue for the machine was ridiculous!)

spotted: oliver cheshire, marina and the diamonds, some reject band from x facor, millie macintosh, rosie fortescue, mark francis, binky felstead, numerous models


  1. You look like an olsen twin!

    1. haha wow thank you i love the Olson twins i wish i looked like them! i am actually an identical twin so when we were younger our wish was to be them haha we always used to argue about who was Mary-Kate and who was Ashley :P xoxo S


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