end of a era


Today i took off everything which had been on my left wrist since 2010 which was 2010 Reading Fest, 2011 Reading Fest, 2012 Reading Fest, Live and Loud, friendship bracelet with my best friends, my uni college band and a star to remind me of my nan. It's really weird not having them on and i feel as if i have lost a bit of my body ha but i thought i'm 20 so i should try and be mature plus they look really bad in photo's.
Plus check out my new Homies beanie my sister bought me <3 (got a great post coming up on this soon), i'm also wearing a shirt from Killer Condo and I Heard They Eat Cigarettes rings - if you haven't checked out these two wicked brands yet do it :)
see ya,
Sabrina Carder


  1. I took off all my Reading Fest bands too the other week :( definitely keeping them though! xo

    1. ahh :( hell yeah im keeping mine - they're like a right of passage! haha xoxo

  2. I felt weird when my couple bracelet finally broke after over a year of having it on aha impressed that all your wrist bands and bracelets lasted that long! xx


    1. i know it feels so weird! aww yeah mine were indestructible! haha :)


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