hit the road Jack and dont come back no more, no more, no more, no more.


I love the varsity trend at the moment, i have owned this red varsity jacket for ages but havn't worn it much so this is a perfect time to whack it out! i also love the mixture of the red jacket and denim. I have also dusted off these pair of high tops i got when i was 14!! I am such a hoarder when it comes to clothes and i absolutely hate throwing things out so i have an entire wardrobe of old clothing dating back to when i was 8 as well as it also having cast off's from my mum, other family friends and my nan's wardrobe. These leggings used to be my mums and i have kept them for years due to the awesome print! However they are so old the elastic has gone in the so they are massive! I need to do a bit of sewing DIY so i can actually wear them out soon.

As you guys found out from my previous post i am also a fan of a snapback and love the aztec monochrome print of this one. I got it in Primark for a few quid - bargain!

vintage shirt// vintage leggings// forgotten where i got the shoes and jacket from (oops)

Sabrina Carder


  1. I love that song! And those shoes and trousers are amazing!!! Where on earth did you find them?

    1. haha me too! It played in a club the other night which i got very excited about! :)
      The trousers were my mums so vintage from the 90's and the shoes are from a little shop in France which i got when i was like 14.
      cheers Alice

  2. i love this outfit! that jacket is rad and looks soooo nice with the denim! x



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