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 I'm such a Brick Lane girl at heart. I just love it there, not only are the clothes in the vintage shops inspiring but you are surrounded by art and amazing graffiti which all adds to the mesmerizing feel of the place. I had the courage to wear my bowler hat there as well as a white shirt which was from Topshop but i got it off Ebay second hand. I then customized it with corner studs (also off Ebay). I am also loving leather at the moment and am living in these leather shorts, they just go with everything! And as always i wouldn't be anywhere without my trusty creepers and red lipstick. The skull chain belt and cross necklace were bargain finds in Primark.

Sabby C


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    1. ha thanks Milex, im actually quite a shy person but great if i look confident haha :) xoxo S


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