take me to the drive thru


I'm wearing my graphic print Burger & Chips t-shirt that i love and got off Ebay, i think it was from a Walmart line. I am a sucker for novelty clothing so when i also found this embroidered cat backpack i had to get it! I love vintage looking embroidered bags and also own a floral one. My snapback is Obey and often my head feels incomplete without it. I also thought i would throw in a little neon,  with neon green legwarmers which i used to wear for dance and as always my staple creepers.

Last time i wore this t-shirt my friends told me off as they said it made them hungry - oops. If this t-shirt doesn't make you crave a McDonald's or In N Out Burger i don't know what will!

Burger & chips t-shirt (Ebay) // snapback (Obey) // cat backpack (Ebay) // Creepers

Until next time,

Sabrina Carder


  1. that's the raddest shirt ever! x

  2. That shirt is the best thing I've seen all day - GET ME ONE! xo

    1. haha yeah this shirt often makes my day :)
      i wish i could! i can't find it anywhere now not even on ebay :(
      xoxo S

  3. wow I am in love with everything here! the cat bag is amazing! think everyone needs this in there life! haha! <3

    1. wow thanks Hanna! i do love the cat bag and if everyone in the world had one life would be complete :) <3


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