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I was lucky enough to be invited to Proudlock's Carnival '78 at the Imitate Modern on Wednesday evening. The intimate space was filled to the brim and had a great vibrant atmosphere as the soda stream vodka drinks kept on flowing and there was an undertone of exotic samba music being heard beneath the loud chatter. 

It was fantastic to finally see Oliver Proudlock's Serge DeNimes collection in the flesh. The vibrancy and quality of the pieces were incredible and could be fully appreciated. It was also great to see how the collection featuring his mother, Lena Proudlock's photography from the Rio De Jeneiro 1975-1977 carnivals correlated with the clothing line. 

I also got to fully admire  the beauty, colour and movement in the photography and found it fascinating to see how the inspirational and powerful images had been developed into the Serge DeNimes t-shirts.  

For those Made In Chelsea fans the launch was attended by Pheobe- Lettice Thompson, Francis Boulle (who was looking very suave) and Jamie Laing. I had a lovely little chat with Jamie about his brand Candy Kittens (some cat related jokes were made on his part ha). He had just come from a Candy Kittens shoot but had managed to change and sport a Serge DeNimes tee in support of his 'boi'. 

I also had the pleasure of chatting to the the man of the moment the lovely Oliver Proudlock where we discussed the name 'Serge DeNimes'. He explained it defines the intricate joining of the cottons which go into creating denim. To which he expressed 'i just love denim!' and admitted to having a bit of an obsession with denim (himself sporting a stonewashed denim jacket). He also expressed that for the future of Serge DeNimes he would love to branch out into denim.

So far though the Serge DeNimes brand is an inspiring mixture of vibrant, artistic and urban tee's and jumpers. The energetic collection being a great way to update your summer wardrobe!

Check out the collection here:

Proudlock’s Carnival will be running at Imitate Modern from Thursday 28th March – 20th April.
Imitate Modern
27a Devonshire Street
London W1G 6PN
Open Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

Thanks once again to Emerge Limited for the invite!

by Sabrina Carder

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