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I love a good Hawaiin printed piece of clothing and these trousers are just stunning!! I love the style of them. The drawstring waist allows them to be a flattering fit whilst the print makes you stand out (in the best way possible). They are also so versatile and can be worn in the day or for a night out. 

Hawaiin print is a must for anyone's wardrobe and you cant go wrong with a vintage hawaiin item as long as you pair it with something simple like this cream shirt - and as long as you wear it actually in the summer.

trousers: https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/trousers/vintage-hawaiian-print-trousers/884475

Check out Mint Vintage's post on ASOS about why Hawaiin prints are a must have for SS13:

Right im going to love and leave you as i have an exam tomorrow and am surrounded by over 50 cupcakes (not an exaggeration!)... first i must finish eating this cheesecake. I really must start being a girl and caring about that 'summer body' but all this week i have mostly eaten burgers, chips, cakes and washed it all down with a few pints... I regret nothing haha

Sabrina Carder


  1. Wow!! Love those trousers!! Following you via GFC fancy following back??

  2. Absolutely love your trousers! Your style's great! X

    1. aw thanks so much yinyin! These were styled and can be brought from mint vintage :) xoxo


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