Well I could be angry but you’re not worth a fight


Top, leggings and knit cardi - H&M
Shirt - Charity Shop

I don't usually buy clothes on the high street but when my mum, carol and i walked into H&M and saw this tee myself and carol were in fits of laughter and i just had to get it. My mum is worried it will offend people haha as i explained to her ' its a t-shirt not a facebook status'. Plus my odd combination of clothes probably offend people everyday.
 The false hope of summer meant i gave my mum all my winter clothes to take home and now its gone back to typical grim up north weather i find myself a bit chilly so this random ensemble is purely down to me having not much else in my wardrobe to keep me warm.  

Also a shout out to my mum for just calling me to tell me i had a few typos in my posts haha. Love the thought of you on my blog all the time (criiingeeee)

Right i should really get to uni, 


  1. Ha. Thats such an awesome t-shirt, I love it x

    1. cheers Kerry!! :) i love it too hehe <3 xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. cheers Olivia! its my new favorite top :) xoxo

  3. EXACT words I said after I asked someone to prom and was subsequently rejected lol ahhaah

    1. ahhh man well he obviously wasn't worth it!! i don't understand boys or just people in general i'm always being let down! chin up! haha <3 :) xoxo


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