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Snapback backwards + double denim = one hell of a bad ass look

Two staples i am not often seen without is my snapback and vintage denim jacket - yes i may look like a boy most of the time but i like it. As a male friend told me when i purchased my first snapback over a year ago, it would become a safety blanket and i won't feel complete without it on my head and that has in fact become the case.

A large proportion of my clothes are boys and i think i never grew out of my tom boy phase when i was little. My mum should have picked up on the signs when my first polly pocket was a Batman one, i was part of the football, rowing and fencing teams and my favorite item of clothing was not the floral dress she so desperately wanted me to wear but a pair of boys combat trousers.

I also went around last year borrowing (for longer amounts of time than i should have) a guy friend at the time's denim jacket, to which i finally gave in and brought one of my own which i am rarely seen without. The distressed light washed denim fitting for all weathers, its just hard to find something it doesn't go with!



  1. my denim jacket is my best friend, No outfit feels right with out it. that snapback is fuxking amazing too!

    1. hehe me too! im glad someone else shares my relationship with my denim jacket! :P xoxo

  2. I love this - the dress is so cool! I'm obsessed with my denim jacket at the moment, so might have to branch out to a dress too! xo

    1. awesome! yeah do it! It makes you feel so bad ass and old school ha its so wrong yet so right :) xoxo


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