And i'm a goddamn coward, but then again so are you.


Hey guys, 
This photo was taken by my very talented friend George Lowe from a shoot we did a while back. I may start posting more of the looks we shot as her photography is just incredible! 
The outfit is perfect for me because i love loose clothes as was outlined perfectly in my feature with Accliam magazine below! ha 
However the see through skirt manages to add a bit of glamour, the monochrome tones being boyish yet ever so slightly seductive.
Skirt - Asos / Shirt - Topshop (off Ebay)  
I am cleaning my house ready to move out, so excited to see my mum and my dog - ooh and a bubble bath! I ended up going out last night and had a great time apart from yet another little panic attack but it was all good in the end and i had a amazing time. I just cant help but feel that some things this year are still unresolved and its very frustrating and confusing. 
lots of love, 
Sabrina Carder 


  1. The skirt rocks the sand!
    And I hope your unresolved business will be clear soon. xx

    1. aw thanks Josephine for the kind comment! :) <3


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