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I arrived home to find this parcel from Ark! I had to have a cheeky try on before i go out, so here is a quick pic of the top.
I know i am SO behind with my outfit posts and i promise there shall be some very very soon from Illustrated People and Mink Pink as well as Ark. Unfortunately i am studying a degree and therefore my work there has to come first and also i don't want to post things that are not up to my standard of quality (image wise etc). So my great apologies for this delay however on a positive note i am now sitting in my bedroom at home which is my blogging HQ so in about a week i shall be starting blogging at my full potential which shall continue for the entire summer!!
Lots of love,
Sabrina Carder


  1. What a great top! I love the crochet detail!


    1. thanks Rebecca! there shall be a proper blog post coming up on it soon :)


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