She built her walls so high


One of the things i am desperately wanting at the moment (there is a loooong list) is a vintage kimono! I have always loved bold, unique prints and a kimono is just so stunningly eye catching and elegantly loose fitting i can't see how they could be disliked!!

My time on the Mint Vintage ASOS Marketplace has now come to a sad yet sweet end as all the looks we shot are online :'). I had the best time doing it and was so grateful for the opportunity! In the meantime lots of the outfits i shot are still online so check out Mint Vintage!

lots of love,
Sabrina Carder


  1. THis is stunning - I love your hair here xo

    1. thanks so much Olivia!! haha cheers the art of messily putting hair up in a bun haha :) xoxo


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