sleepy stares and shy smiles


This is a men's shirt i got from the charity shop for £1 and then put crosses on the collars. Yup im forever wearing boys clothes. I just need a boyfriend so i can steal all their clothes tbh ha. I'm now going to down champagne in celebration at being home for the summer! We also have the entire family together for the weekend which is amazing!
I have a quality day planned on Monday in London which i can't wait to share with you all as well as a test shoot for a new brand on Wednesday - im going to be in London so much and i can't wait!
Sabrina Carder
ps. Watching Arctic Monkey's on the TV at Glasto - how i wish i was there! If they play I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor i am going to die a little inside.
pps. yup - i died a little


  1. nice blog!!

    you're welcome to visit my blog as well ;)

    1. thanks so much!! Yeah i shall check it out :)
      thanks for the comment!


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