Super Skint


Linden Feng Photography

So i am loving this tee from Illustrated People. It's such a great brand which holds the freshest new tee's as well as some amazing unique bold prints, check them out: - also stocked on ASOS! 

This tee is so sick with the sleeves already rolled up and quality material giving it a great baggy shape - perfect for my boyish self. It is such a great street wear item and shall be styled on my blog numerous times in the next few weeks. I also love it because i love the song Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean ft Earl Sweatshirt ha. 

Sabrina Carder


  1. love illustrated people!such a lush brand. love the photograpghy too :) xhanna

    1. i know right!? :)
      aw thanks Hanna! It was done by my very talented friend Linden Feng, with his sis Lucy Feng's help :)


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