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I had a test shoot the other day through Model Management but then the day got changed so i couldn't make it, but if any of you want to contact me about modelling then you can via

Here is the full interview:

1. Age?


2. Occupation?

Film student and occasional model.

3. Dream Job?

I have great respect for Ferne Cotton, Alexa Chung and Jameela Jamil and their numerous different ventures and talents. I would love to follow in the their footsteps, anything in radio, TV or fashion will make me very happy.

4. Why did you start your blog?

My mum and sister used to walk 20 paces behind me when we went out in public due to my ‘eccentric’ style. The blog was supposed to prove to them that I don’t dress THAT weirdly.

5. What is your favorite fashion must have for this summer?

Jelly Shoes

5. Role Model Model? ;)

Cara Delevingne – her style is awesome and she is professional, yet doesn’t take herself too seriously. I share her love of bold clothing and pulling funny faces at camera’s.

7. Finish the sentence...

" HELL NO, don't buy that… just because everyone else has!”. The key to fashion is to be individual.

8. If you were walking the Runway what song would be playing?

I have such a diverse taste in music. At the moment I would have to choose When A Fire Starts To Burn by Disclosure. After seeing them live at Parklife I have had their album on repeat.

9. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your fashion obsession?

I would say my fashion style is anything but conventional. I wear what catches my eye and makes me feel happy. I often discover off beat clothes months before they become high street fashion. I can get pretty obsessed with certain items, such as my beloved Creepers, Bart Simpson jumper and Obey Snapback so I would rate myself around an 8.

10. Favourite outfit you've worn recently (image as well?)

I am a great lover of vintage clothes so my favorite outfit at the moment is this by Mint Vintage. I am no stranger to dungarees but these are just on another level with the adorable embroidered safari animals. Just wearing them puts a smile on my face! I am also not scared of a bold printed shirt and large collar especially if its vintage because they are always so unique.

Lots of Love
Sabrina Carder

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