Go big or Go Home


On Thursday i was lucky enough to attend the GoGo Philip Bloggers Party at their Cheshire Street store on Brick Lane. Before the party i attempted to do a bit of shopping around Brick Lane, going to the usual Rokit and Beyond Retro (which is always a must). On the way to Beyond Retro we walked past the GoGo Philip store which you literally cannot miss as it's dripping in gold. I felt like a magpie who had found the treasure, which was in fact very true when i gave the collection's a closer look at the party.

I have said it before and i shall say it again - when it comes to gold chains Gogo is the only way to go! It has the best range of gold chains anyone could ever want! 

With most people repping gold chains at the moment the only way to stand out from the crowd is to wear one from GoGo Philip! I LOVED the mixture of the gold and bold coloured stones, it was all absolutely stunning! 

With it's large gold chains and coloured gem stones GoGo Philip's holds a 90's, grunge style. Which  also feels very vintage/ retro. This vibe is also seen in the newest Malibu 1992 range which boasts a ton of big ass palm trees which would be the perfect accessory for your swimwear.

I absolutely love GoGo Philip, it is incredibly modern and innovative, evoking many different styles from several era's. Each collection is completely different from the last offering a large range so there is something for everyone.

However for me it's go big or go home. If i could i would happily lie on a beach covered in as much GoGo Philip as could possibly fit on my body.

I honestly cannot promote enough how incredible and exquisite everything from this brand is, i am severely struggling to put it into words ha so go and check it out for yourself  http://gogophilip.com/

And check out these lovely goodies! Thanks so much GoGo Philip and Material PR for a great time and i can't wait to style these pieces into some of my looks soon!

Have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget the sun lotion... or tinted moisturiser depending on how you roll ha

Sabrina Carder


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    1. aww thanks so much Izael!! I think it needs a lot of work done to it ha xoxo

  2. Very Pretty jewels! What camera you use?;D


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