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It doesn't seem that long ago that i attended Proudlock's Carnival '78. Time has obviously flown by, along with the impressive expansion of Serge DeNimes. Designer Oliver Proudlock has been busy creating a new and eye popping summer collection. Not only that, but he has embarked on discovering and collaborating with four other brands which also compliment his own unique brand. It has all been beautifully amalgamated into a pop-up shop named the rather appropriate 'Head to Toe' on the prestigious Carnaby Street.

Firstly lets talk tee's. This season's must have starts with a bold printed tee and Serge has a sublime collection. Starting with bold and emotively simple monochrome tee's boasting SergeDeNimes logo's such as 'SDN' or my personal favorite 'So Serge'. Looking around the shop i couldn't help but imagine how amazing the tee's would look when paired with the Love Brand &Co's eye catching shorts (the neon pink ones were insane!).

Now i am known to dress A. boyish and B. eccentric, so words cannot describe how much i was loving Serge DeNimes summer collection. It was a sea of bold floral prints taking inspiration from the must have Hawaiian shirt and developing it into a modern and stunning collection of urban streetwear.

This rose printed tee got my heart and if i wasn't so skint at the moment it would have got my bank balance.  

From my recent feature for Acclaim Magazine on Men's Fashion i have just discovered how important men's trainers are. My friend even admitted to me the other day the first thing she does when she meets a boy is to check out his footwear. So boys if your footwear needs a re-firb head down to the pop-up shop for some fresh new ones as it holds a great selection from Oliver Sweeney. My favorite pair was from the collaboration between Oliver Sweeney and Oliver Proudlock, the smart black high tops having a cheetah print panel on the back, making them the epitome of fresh urban streetwear.
Finally, it's all about the accessories. Walking down sunny Carnaby Street i couldn't walk five paces without seeing someone sporting a pair of sunnies or the latest must have of a snapback.
Serge DeNimes's recent addition of snapback's would make any streetwear lover go weak at the knees. Finlay & Co's collection offers the most incredibly understated yet stunning wooden framed sunglasses. As well as Marlborough World supplying a great collection of satchels in a wonderful variety of colours.

So if your in the capital head down to the shop, it's there till July 20th! Trust me you won't want
to miss out on the Summer of Serge!

Sabrina Carder

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