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So you all know i am a lover of items with a good slogan and boy oh boy did i hit the jackpot when i discovered the brand It's Not Me It's You (for a start, isn't the name just wonderful! ha).

The brand was started in late 2012 in Hackney where all products are handmade and printed using top quality leather and foiled embossed slogans. 

I always find it hard to find bags that are original and unique (made obvious by the fact that i have owned the same one for four years). I don't often go into a shop and get excited about a bag but when i saw this brand in Topshop Oxford Circus i felt like a little kid who had just found the Pick N Mix.

With the assortment of bright colours and witty slogans the bags are an example of modern art which have ingeniously been created into the best piece of arm candy you could ever wish for!

My loud cackle must have been heard around the Topshop store as i read through many of the brilliant slogans such as 'I'm Not Weird. I'm Gifted.', 'You Can't Sit With Us' and 'I Hated Everyone Before It Was Mainstream' just to name a few.

 With many different styles, slogans and colours which are ever increasing i have high hopes for this brand and words cannot express my love for the concept and products.

So if you are a little eccentric like me check them out! Because i don't see how you could possibly have a bad day when you own one of these bags.

Sabrina Carder

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  1. I want I want I want! So cute so funny!


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