Cupcake, cup of tea and Zandra Rhodes


Sabrina Carder
Zandra Rhodes is a lady who does not need much of an introduction. She is an icon for the international world of fashion, her personality and trademark pink hair being as eccentric as her designs.

I was lucky enough to attend a seminar as well as an intimate Q&A and afternoon tea with this extraordinary woman at the Pure London Fashion event on Monday. Zandra exhibited her new collections of shoes and handbags at the event. Below are some of the highlights from the Q&A about the wonderful new shoe collection!

What was the inspiration behind creating the shoe collection?

Well, you always have to go out with something on your feet and shoes compliment the clothes you wear.

You have a range of shoes from wedges to flats, what was the thought process whilst you were designing the collection?

At the moment we are going through a strange period where not everyone is wearing stilettos like they used to. There is room for different designs such as these (Zandra picks up a flatform design from her own collection).
Who did you design the collection for?

As a designer I think it is important to design something that I like and would wear. It doesn’t mean I would always wear my designs but it is important that I like the design; I don’t design just for commercial.

 Is there an age limited on your collection?

No I didn’t want to restrict an age. Because I design them I guess it is in some way designed for people of my age however I think there is a great range of designs to appeal to different age groups.

So it’s suitable for different lifestyles?

Yes very much suitable for different lifestyles – I like that!

Is colour important in your designs?

Colour can make an outfit look exotic. People shouldn’t be scared of colour. Colour is the new black, you see more colour nowadays than black.

So, no plans to bring out anything black then?

I actually have a black dress coming out soon. A black dress is great because then you can add colourful accessories such as a bag and shoes and it brightens the outfit.

How is creating a shoe collection different than producing a clothing collection?

Actually a lot of the prints correlate throughout the shoes, bags and clothing. There are lots of matching sets. I had a great team in Manchester and London who I worked with.

Finally, have you got a favorite shoe out of your collection?

I’m going to wait until they do them in my size!

 (At the catwalk show earlier in the day the models walked the catwalk with the shoes in their hands due to the collection only being in a sample size 4)  

I shall wait to try them on and see what colour is going to fit in with my wardrobe. I do love these blue ones (Zandra holds up a blue wedge).

I have always been a fan of blue and I can see myself wearing them with some mad socks. Mad socks to go with mad shoes. 

My favorite from the collection were these amazing rose printed pumps. Probably because i am so obsessed with Zandra's sketchbook dresses!

So there you have it guys! Zandra Rhodes who put the 'P' in Punk and has dressed the likes of Princess Diana. I'm going to just sit here and let this post sink in.

Sabrina Carder

Sidenote: In all the excitement my inner eccentric forget to ask Zandra her secret to keeping her hair so pink - darn!

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