Holla Holiday


I have been back from my holiday for 10 days now! It feels like so much longer what with me spending most of my time in London! Here are a few holiday snaps...
It was absolutely boiling and i managed to wear all of my bikini's! My favorite being the high waisted caged topshop bikini and new tye dye bikini bottoms. (luckily the hotel had the most amazing gym with treadmills overlooking the sea so i could get in my workouts).
I went with my family, which there are quite a few of (9 in total)! I loved chilling with my cuzzies and the rest of the famalam and overall i had a lovely time despite the lack of sleep.
I did however eat waaay too much at the buffets and got slightly inappropriately drunk one night on local vodka, KEO beer and tequila shots. 
There shall be a few more looks etc of me in the sun soon.
Have a good week!
Sabrina Carder

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