Saved by the bell


If your looking for a new pair of trainers to be bang on trend then look no further. Adidas Forum Up from Foot Locker are the answer! I'm loving the high top 80's/90's style with removable concealed heel making them so comfy and giving you a little extra height. I personally am loving the retro grey pair with neon orange embellishments but you can also get them in various other colours!
I rocked them the other day with a pair of vintage mum jeans and a neon orange vest. I am also a tad obsessed with hair scrunchies at the moment (i don't care if they are conventionally a fashion faux pas - i love them!)  
Have a great weekend everyone!
Sabrina Carder


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    1. aw thank you!
      you can now follow me on facebook

  2. Awesome match on the top and kicks!


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