Hands in the air like we don't care


Want a great festival look for those late summer festivals? Well kit yourself out with a Sugar Top and you cannot go wrong! They are just perfect, i love this pineapple print! It makes me want to sing "who lives in a pinapple under the sea... SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!" but i shan't and shall be grown up :P. Check out the many great designs here: sugartopsnyc.com/

I know Bestival starts on Friday (so wish i was there but i have the Catwalk 4 Change show and am getting ready for all the LFW madness!)

I'm also loving my new pair of Adidas! They are so comfy and have the perfect urban retro look so i am literally living in them at the moment footlocker.eu/gb/en/Shoes/adidas-Forum-Up-53.aspx/5345675102

Sabrina Carder

ps. oh yeah and if your wondering why im dancing around like an idiot, its because i was dancing to Miley Cyrus and Rihanna when shooting this ha (my lovely sister was helping me so i was a very happy bunny!!)


  1. I love your t-shirt! :D http://thedangerousworldoffashion.blogspot.com

    1. aw thanks Lisa!! :)
      Check out Sugar Tops they are awesome!

  2. That t shirt is SO cool! Obsessed with your shoes too xo


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