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Missguided LFW SS14 Street Style Report

Nasty Gal

Saviour London!Somerset-House-Day-One/zoom/cf5s/image1wxh

Motel Rocks!

Fab Sugar

Thunder and Threads

BooHoo Street Style at London Fashion Week

On the wonderful Olivia Emily's blog! She is one stunning looking girl and oh so lovely!

Reuters "Model Sabrina Carder poses outside Somerset House" - oh yeah ha

 So apparently quite a few street style snaps of me keep popping up so if i find any i shall post them here :)
The most hilarious thing is if you type in ' LFW SS14 street style' into google, i'm the first image! Unfortunately it has a ton of hate comments on it by complete strangers who like to write insulting comments from behind their computers but oh well #hatersgunnahate
Sabrina Carder


  1. LOVE this! Keep us updated, you're going to become SSfamous! I love your bag xo

    1. aw thanks so much Olivia!!
      Haha hardly!! :P

  2. You look amazing, those people obviously don't have a clue. xx


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