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Great - i made it onto Yahoo's weirdest looks at LFW to which i am quite pleased about to be honest ha. Some of those comments though are so horrid!Oh well stick and stones.... tomorrow's another day.

However if i made it onto the list with fashion blogging goddess Suzie Bubble i can't be doing that badly...

What do you guys think? ha

The most upsetting this is that they dissed the cardi my great nan made! ha My nan would give them all a telling off she would! :)

Sabrina Carder


  1. I'd take the 'weirdest looks' as a compliment! You look gorgeous, I am SO obsessed with that bag and your socks! xo

    1. haha i did! very proud of my weird outfit :P
      Aw thanks so much Olivia!!!! Your comments are always so lovely <3 <3


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