Hawaiian Dirty or Dirty Hawaiian?


Having a bit of Summertime Sadness as i watch the rain out of my window so thought i would upload this look of my new Hawaiian Shirt. I have wanted one for ages, so when i found this one at a car-boot for 50p i was winning! And yup you guessed it i'm still wearing the Adidas Forum Up - i'm going a bit trainer cray cray.

In other news we had a fire alarm drill this morning and my friend couldn't find her glasses so came out clutching a towel which she thought was her hoodie (definitely brightened up the 9am wake up call haha).

My fingers and toes are continuously crossed until a few situations are resolved at the moment.

Sabrina Carder


  1. LOVE THIS SHIRT. Makes me miss summer! I haven't had any fire alarms yet at uni, fingers crossed it stays that way! xo

    1. aw thanks Olivia! It was sucha find! :)
      I know i miss the summer now ha
      Oh you will have a fire alarm or two ha just hope your not one of the unlucky ones who are in the shower when it goes off! ha


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