How did we get here?


Hey guys,

This week has gone surprisingly quick considering most days have gone extremely badly ha!
All i can say is thank goodness for cheesecake and wine! :)

This outfit post was from last Saturday (back to happier times ha)!
I finally got my hands on a white net skirt off Ebay (wahoo)!! I wore it with this black mesh dress from H&M and my Jeffrey Campbell's.
However the pièce de résistance is this awesome necklace from So Sexy Fashion , you shall be seeing a lot more of it in future posts!

Have a great weekend,

Sabrina Carder

ps. my foam finger for my Miley Cryus costume has just arrived wahooo! my motto for Halloween is going to be WWMD 'What Would Miley Do?' - lets see how much trouble that gets me in haha!

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