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Good Morning!!

Here is a look featuring the marvellous Beara Beara bag! I styled it with a simple white shirt (Ebay) and leather pleated skirt (H&M).

Also how freaking awesome is my hat!!? Now me and my friends are still debating on whether it is a strawberry or tomato, what do you guys think?

Either way it is awesome because it was mine when i was a little child and was knitted for me (if you havn't already been able to tell from this blog i am a bit of a horder ha). I magically managed to find it after i fell in love with a similar knitted tea cosy and thought 'that would make a great hat'. So yeah basically i am wearing a tea cosy on my head haha.

Have a great monday!

Sabrina Carder


  1. Love the skirt I've been looking for one like that for ages :)



  2. Your backpack and hat - PERFECT xo


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