It's October again, leaves are falling down like rain


Kimono: Ark Clothing 
Boots: Alison Sman
Bracelet:Alison Sman ASOS boutique 

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, its just so beautiful! I love the amazing colours and the fact i can eat copious amounts of things with pumpkin in (nom). It also always makes me listen to 'Let Me Fall', an amazing song by Idina Menzel who was my idol growing up.

It's October again
Leaves are falling down like rain
One more year's come and gone
But nothing's changed
Wasn't I supposed to be someone 
Who could face the things that I've been running from?

Let me feel

I don't care if I break down
Let me fallEven if I hit the ground
If I cry a littleAnd die a little
At least I know I lived
Just a littleLet me feel
Let me fall

I become much too good at being invincible

I'm an expert at 'play it safe' and 'keep it cool'
But I swear this is not who I'm meant to be
I refuse to let my life fall over me

Sabrina Carder

ps. thanks Ark for featuring this look!!! <3 


  1. Idina <3 ALso I love your boots! xo

    1. you know who Idina is!!?? If you do you shall surely be my favourite follower... haha :P


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