Keep On Running, Keep On Running....


So if you follow me on twitter (@sabbytye) then you will know i become a bit of a fitness freak in the summer. This summer i finally overcame the running hurdle and running became less of a chore and more of an enjoyment (i know!!).

This year i am determined to keep my fitness levels up during the winter rather than hibernating back into a lazy slump. I have already been on one run this term (running is honestly the best way to blow off steam) and i am trying to seek inspiration in order to keep it up.

I have devised a little list of things which i think will help me brave the winter weather and get my jog on. So if you, like me are trying to find a way to stay active this winter have a gander at my tips (extra points commended for those of you who also live up north, i can tell you running in windy/ rainy Yorkshire is no easy task!)

1. Pretty Nutritious Food - i know this sounds stupid but i love food and i love pretty things, so eating pretty food just puts me in a good mood. I have got into the habit of drinking smoothies out of vintage looking jars or using cutters to make my toast look funky. Either way it puts a smile on my face. 

2. Playlist - If you have a killer emotive playlist you shall be much more likely to enjoy the run and probably run for longer. I love any club anthem from AlunaGeorge to Conor Maynard, anything that gets you moving. 

3. Vintage hair tie's - I am slightly obsessed with my bunch of vintage hair tie's at the moment and cannot run with my hair down. Running with one of them in my hair just makes me feel bad ass. 

4. Neon trainers - a pair of brightly coloured trainers is a must because they look awesome and detract from whatever embarrassing run you got going on. 

5. Look the part - Now for me most running wear is just plain boring. I have searched high and low for some unique fashionable sportswear and thank goodness i found Lucas Hugh running clothes.  I love the amazingly unique designs and would probably feign going for a run just to be seen in the pieces ha.

So there you have it, lets see how this goes...

Sabrina Carder


  1. This is great - I'm running a lot too recently, and I'm saving up for a new pair of trainers. Any suggestions? xo

    1. aw awesome! glad you liked it! um well at the moment i can't afford a new pair of running trainers so am using my mum's old ones! ha But i would suggest any Nike free runs or Adidas x


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