Man Up


So a massive trend that became apparent from London Fashion Week was androgyny. (I am jumping for joy!).

 I am very used to being called 'The Girl Version' of boys, however the latest trend isn't to dress like a rebellious adolescent boy in my usual snapbacks and baggy tee's but to suit up (yup think Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother) and to dress up like a man.

More girls are going to be donning tailored trousers, brogues and slouch coats! And the LFW must of wearing your coat just casually rested over your shoulders.

 So girls maybe if we man up a bit the boys will the inspired to 'man up' as well.

Vintage suede coat (saved it from my mum selling it at a car boot)
Trousers - Zara
Brogues - Topshop
Bomber jacket - ZLZ
Bowler hat - Camden Market

Sabrina Carder


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