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Good Morning everyone!

Who is loving shiny/ holographic EVERYTHING at the moment? Me, me me, me, me!
I wore this metallic skirt on my 8th birthday (yup no joke) and love it so much i have never thrown it out.

And would you look at that, holographic stuff is all coming back in! Surprise, surprise! My skirt is now a 90's gem! (i also have a matching jacket which i shall feature in another post when i'm feeling a bit more sassy sabby ha!)

I paired it with this neon orange vest from Topshop and my trusty Dr Marten's!

Sabrina Carder

ps. i'm on cloud 9 today as i woke up to a very exciting email!!


  1. GORGEOUS. I love that skirt xo

    1. aw thanks Olivia!! you shall be seeing plenty more of this skirt :)


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