The November Issue


Hey guys,

So if you havn't already cottoned on i'm in the November issue of Company Magazine in their 'Street Girl' feature along with the incredible Natasha from Girl In The Lens.

 It was such a honour to be asked to be in the issue! I had an amazing day shooting with the incredible Sarah Barlow who styled us from Company magazine. As well as it being shot by the incredibly talented Alexander Jordan and being beautified by the lovely Alexis Day!

So if you are going past a shop go and grab yourself a copy because lets face it you'll never be disappointed by a issue of Company Magazine!

Sabrina Carder


  1. You look so great - congratulations! ox

  2. That's amazing Sabrina congratulations! xx

    1. aw thanks Alice!! :) <3 i still can't believe its real!! haha

    2. Do you mind if I ask how it happened? It's my dream for this to happen to me; you must be buzzing! xx

    3. Not at all :) I got emailed by a fashion assistant at Company Magazine asking if i would like to take part!
      I had also been Company's 'forum blogger of the week' a few months prior.
      It was such an amazing experience and i got to meet and work with the most lovely and talented people! I still can't believe it when i go into shops and there is a mini me on the front cover! ha


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