I feel so lucky to have been asked to do a interview and look for FGLOOK.com! Take a look at the full interview HERE. I have worked with Toria before and she is an absolute sweetheart! This is by far my favourite feature ever because it says I'm a nice person!!

As always here are a few of my favourite questions below:
FG: Sum yourself up in one animal...
SC: A Unicorn - because they are unique and mysterious.
FG: Important question... How did you make dressing like Miley Cyrus for Halloween look hot?! Really we loved it!
SC: Haha! I'm actually a fan of Miley Cyrus 2.0 (or the progression of Miley's ''movement'' as she calls it). When i saw her VMA performance i was like, "I'm doing that for halloween!" Rather freakily my twin sister also dressed as Miley so it turned into a bit of a competition... i think i won though for having the balls to dress in nude coloured underwear! I wasn't a touch on Miley though - her body is insane (total girl crush)!
FG: You're a model! If you could walk for any designer, in any place to any track what would they be?
SC: I just recently did my first catwalk show and loved it! I would have to say, model for Christopher Kane at New York Fashion Week because i would love to go there again to The XX - Reconsider (Jamie XX remix).  

You can also see the FGLOOK i created in the post below! :)

Sabrina Carder


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