Eye Love Ewe (Fluffy Sheep)


Hey guys - it's getting chilly right? Time to whack out the wooly jumpers!

This jumper is another gem knitted by my great grandma (yup she made this by hand!!)

My nan did teach me a knit when i was younger and i loved it however i haven't done it for a while so have now forgotten! I may get my cousin to teach me again at christmas as i found knitting so therapeutic! I did make a scarf once!

This jumper is one of my favourite things to wear around Christmas. I am a massive sucker for an ugly jumper so am going to be on the hunt for a few more, shall probs go on the look out with my mum in F&F (yes Tesco's, my mum always finds some amazing stuff there and i usually end up having a little browse)

Hope you having a good week!

Sabrina Carder


  1. Oh hell no is this HANDMADE?! That's amazing - your nan is a talented lady haha. You look gorgeous as per xo

    1. yuup it is! :)
      yeah my nan and great nan were great knitters, unfortunately their skills didn't get passed down to me! :P
      aww thanks Olivia for the lovely comment as per usual! Thanks so much for being a fan!


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