My Nan Was A Legend


Hey guys, so i just wanted to post this photo of me and my darling Nan who died 3 years ago today. Anyone who is close to their Grandma knows the special place they have in your heart and my nan holds a very very special place in mine forever and always.

Her voice is always the one in the back of my mind telling me i can do it, she was the first one to believe in me and the one i could always go too. I will forever miss her from my life and no one can replace the love and belief she gave me.

Bit of blog history: My surname isn't actually Carder but my nan's name is Christine Carol Carder (cool right) and i always said i wanted the same surname as nan so we could be linked in that way. So when i started this blog i did it in her name. It actually turned out pretty perfect that all my accomplishments from this blog etc are in her name  - she would be so proud of all the opportunities i have been given through this blog so i can't thank you all enough!

After all I got my ' 'model' ' genes from my nan ;)

Also, pretty perfect that my first magazine appearance is out now in Company's November Issue - so if you haven't already got a copy go get it! :)

I'm going to say to you guys what my nan always used to say to me:

"Life Is An Adventure"

Sabrina Carder

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