Abracadabra! Nope you're still a bitch...


Miss Tiger is everyone's favorite bitch...

I am living in this tee from Fierce T-shirt otherwise known as Momotachi at the moment! It is the most comfiest thing ever and it is completely fierce!

 Now, as you can see the tee itself is pretty awesome however it gets so much cooler! The brand is based in NYC *sigh* and their products are hand-sewn in The USA, using luxuriously soft fabric and eco-friendly ink (that explains why its so comfy!).

 It gets better... the designer is a drag queen so all the designs are raring to transform you into all types of fierce and fabulous! The brand also holds a very open, pansexual dichotomy so its suitable for guys, gals and anyone in between, which i just love!

My tee is from their Miss Tiger collection which says "Miss Tiger is everyone's Favorite Bitch - and you can be too!  Need advice?  She helps saints and sinners all over the world!  If you look toward the Sirius star, you'll see her there ... shining brightly!" - pretty darn relevant for me i think! 

Go and check out their other great collections!


•bitch not included


  1. This t shirt is hilarious! I love it xo

  2. You have to be a model! haha http://thedangerousworldoffashion.blogspot.com

  3. aw thanks so much Lisa but i'm not really :) xx


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