Alison Sman: Christmas With Sabrina Carder


Thanks so much to Alison Sman for doing a Christmas feature on me, which you can check out here.
I am so in love with their metallic platforms! They are the basis of all my Christmas outfits at the moment!
Check out the interview below to find out some of my Christmas stories and fashion tips:
Since there's only 1 week left til Christmas ( Yay!), we're here today with one of our all time favorite bloggers Sabrina to talk about all things Christmas. With a such unique and quirky yet amazing style, it is no secret that she is going to be the life of every party. Let's see what she does in Christmas and her tips for dressing up for a party.

1) What traditions do you have with your family on a Christmas Eve?
My mum is the Christmas queen! So we always read The Night Before Christmas, eat a few mince pies and have a tipple of sherry. 

2) Can you talk us through your favorite Christmas outfit?
I love a novelty Christmas jumper! They are just so fun! I also love whacking out a few sequin numbers over the festive holiday, like a jacket or skirt. 

3) What do you do to get ready for a party? Since we're now officially in the busiest season of the year, I bet you must get a lot of party invites. 
I love a good Christmas party! My schedule is pretty packed at the moment so i have found that as long as I have my red lippy and a bottle of mulled wine I am set for a evening party. 

4) Your most memorable Christmas?
My memory is pretty shockingly bad but for me Christmas is all about family and loved ones. I also had a fear of Santa or any other dressed up character when I was younger so ran through many a shopping mall in order to avoid sitting on Santa's lap.

5) Items that can transform your look from day to night? 
Heeled boots are a great day to night shoe to complete any outfit. I also love leather leggings and they are great for wearing in the day and eve. 

6) A few party essentials?
Red lipstick and something sparkly

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sabrina Carder

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