Dear Santa... define good?


Mixed midi ring set - Galisfly
Nail decals - DIY nails
Skirt - Vintage
Shoes - Alison Sman
Christmas Jumper - a random shop in Slough! haha

So this weekend its all about the small things.

I have jazzed up my fingers for the festive season with these amazing nail decals from DIY Nails  - i came across this incredible shop run by the lovely Tammy a few weeks ago and am so excited to have them on my nails! You shall be hearing a lot more from this great independent brand on this blog in the next week months!

How in trend are midi rings at the moment!? I have been lusting over them forever! These amazing rose gold set are from Galisfly a quality independent jewellery store which holds some absolute crackers!

Both of these websites are incredible examples of independent brands, so if you are looking for a few little presents (best things come in small packages!) check them out!!

Have a great sunday!



  1. Aha I love the title of this! You look stunning, the nails are amazing. I'm having a bit of a moment with midi rings too :3 xx

    1. ha thanks Alice! :P
      aw cheers!! <3 and gotta love the midi rings (and the challenge of trying to not lose them! ha)

  2. Love your nails. So festive!



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