just got back from London town


Hey guys, just a quick update. I'm back in London, yay!!

I took my friend from uni Lucy shopping around Camden.We exhausted Camden as i took her around the entire place (she will vouch that i am a boss at knowing my way around and the best vintage shops there ha).

We also found THE best Vegan and gluten free bakery called Cookies and Screams - ugh the cakes were so incredible i had to get one to take away as well! :)

I did a little spontaneous thing and got a dreadlock which i have wanted forever! I got blue and purple intertwined so i look like a My Little Pony ha! I now really want some Regal Rose hair rings to put around the dreadlock. But at the moment i am skint so am accessorizing it with a ear cuff! haha

If you are heading to London this Christmas to do a bit of shopping check out the Where To Go Christmas Shopping app, it makes finding things in your area a hell of a lot easier! :)

Sabrina Carder

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