This is so messed up, but that doesn't mean i don't care.


Bralet (yes mum 'bralet' not 'bracelet' haha) Missguided 
Mom Jeans- Boohoo 
Silver platforms- Alison Sman
Lion chain necklace - So Sexy Fashion
Belt - Vintage
Bracelet - original 90's purchase from Claire's Accessories (man i used to be obsessed with that shop!)
Velvet hair band - Ebay

I'm back, my 39 hour exam is over! Yes! Get in! Time to show off my favorite new items, i feel this outfit is a bit of RiRi style, what do you guys think?

Lewis Watson's soothing music kept me going, i have been following him on Tumblr for years but had never actually listened to his music - i was pleasantly surprised! Have a listen:

I am soon to be back in London and have loads of new goodies to shoot and show you all! I cannot wait!!

Sabrina Carder


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