You Cant Sit With Us


'You Can't Sit With Us' has become the most recent popular slogan (i mean who doesn't love a Mean Girl's reference!) and no one does slogans better than It's Not Me Its You!

 I was so excited to get my hands on this pink and green case! Which is incredibly made using Italian leather and the slogan being foil embossed on. INMIY definitely boss it when it comes to quality slogan products so go and check them out and give your iphone a christmas pressie hehe! (And just gunna slip this in there, LiLo actually has this case which you can see if you head over to her instagram, so i feel like a boss ass bitch!)

Also i am very excited to be on the Its Not Me Its You homepage carosel!!! For your chance to turn heads upload a piccy or instagram of you with your INMIY product and #itsnotmeitsyoulondon

Have a great day guys! (its nearly Friday, hang in there!) 
Sabrina Carder

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