lovers float along and pass me by


Jumper: vintage - hand knitted by my great grandma 
Jeans: Hot Topic 
Platform creepers: Ebay
Glasses: Specsavers (yeah i did) 

I love this jumpers funky geometric pattern, my great gran was one creative lady when it came to knitting! I wish i could have met her, but at least i still have her jumpers and other clothing pieces - I'm sure that would make her very happy that they are still being worn, many generations down.

Also if you haven't already seen on my Instagram check out my awesome Unicorn nails that match the outfit perfectly! (In a interview with FGLOOK a while back when asked what animal i would be? I said Unicorn! And now i can actually be one haha) These awesome decals are from DIY Nails  and there shall be some full nail art posts coming soon! **way too excited**

Have a great weekend guys! 

Sabrina Carder


  1. those shoes are so cool! :) xx

  2. love how your great gran made this jumper, its so unique... you are literally the only person in the world who owns that, love it :) also, the shoes are amazing, I am going to Ebay as we speak...

  3. These are really stunning photos. I am kind of obsessed with that sweater xo


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