She loved mysteries so much that she became one - John Green


Nail Decals - DIY nails 
FUCK and LOVE rings - I Heard They Eat Cigarettes 
Rose gold midi rings - Galisfly 
Blouse - Vintage (was my mum's)
Leather trousers - Christmas present 
Heeled boots - (I put the little flower clips on them)
Lion medallion necklace - So Sexy Fashion

Hey guys, 

Hope you had a great weekend!

So remember a while back when i was asked in an interview with FGLOOK to sum myself in an animal and i said i would be a unicorn? Well now i really am a unicorn with these amazing drippy nail decal set from DIY nails and i freaking love it! I have been pretty obsessed with prettifying my fingers, adding some rather funky rings from Galisfly and IHTEC. (I don't think my fingers have ever looked so rad!) 

Also i have just received my first 'valentines day is coming' email (i mean come on!) So I'm going to  rock my Fuck Love rings and start to wait for the reduced chocolate.

In contrast to my colourful nails i have pretty much been living in black and white, with my new leather trousers and vintage white blouse. Adding a bit of bling with my lion medallion chain from So Sexy Fashion - i feel as if i should give the little lion a name - any thoughts?

Also for those of you in the Tumblr sphere as i have been for many years i have started to read the genius words of John Green, i started with Looking For Alaska and now i am just starting The Fault In Our Stars. After seeing his quotes forever appear on my dash i am pleased to now be reading these books. Green's writing really is poetic and philosophical and dare i say it but his books really do make you think (yes i do think ha) about life. Highlighting regret, last chances, memories and the transiency of life. Now I'm going to stop before this turns into a book review (and a rather shit one at that) or i start quoting Thomas Hardy haha!

Goodbye from Sabs, the academic (I'm as surprised as you are!)  


  1. Your blog is super cute. So genuine. :)


    1. Hi Becky!
      Thanks so much for the lovely and sweet comment! 'Genuine' is the best comment a gal can get so thanks a lot! :)
      I shall check out your blog and am following you on insta.
      Hope you continue to like my blog <3


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