You've been FaceHunted: Yvan Rodic London LFW SS14


So i know this is a throwback to LFW SS14 that happened in September 13. But the lovely Vanessa from Skinnydiplondon just linked me to this photo taken by Yvan Rodic AKA Facehunter!! 

When French Elle ran an article on How to Become Hip in 15 Steps , there was no question about Step 1: have your photograph taken by Face Hunter. 

Widely considered one of the most influential movers and shakers in fashion his original blog and more recent Visual Diary receive approximately 1 million hits per month. He is one of THE most influential street style photographers ever! So the fact that i was photographed by him and am at the top of his London page puts the most massive smile on my face!

Pictured here with Benji Walters who runs Reason Not The Need, one of the very dapper chaps i got to spend my LFW with!  

Check it out here: Yvan Rodric London SS14 

May i also point out, what is in this season? 
Oh look at that its fluffy jumpers, fluffy coats and well basically anything fluffy and bold. 
So stuff you all the haters of my great grans hand knitted cardigan back in September! :P

Sabrina Carder

*someone may have to pinch me*


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