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Two Set - Warehouse
Circle Glasses - I got them so long ago i can't remember
Velvet scrunchie - Ebay

Hey Guys!

So how nice has the weather been!? I can feel the summer vibes on the horizon! 

I have always had a slight obsession for two sets so when i found this awesome retro one in Warehouse i just had to get it! As if it wasn't statement enough, i paired it with these amazing red boots from Everything 5 Pounds (yes everything is £5! Five of those little shiny gold coins and you can get yourself a new item of clothing! Its insane!)

I am going to be living in central London for a while over the next few weeks and cannot wait, fingers crossed the weather shall stay like this so i can go and have a few drinks outside or maybe go to a park. I have lots of exciting things lined up as well as trying to film for my own graduate documentary at the moment (scary!). My Documentary is kinda about eccentric style in London (a very simple explanation ha) so if any of you think you might wanna get involved comment and i shall check out your blog! :)

On another note i am more than excited for Lewis Watson's debut album to come out! The title of this look is from his song Bones which i love!

Lots of love


  1. Sabrina this is the best look yet, you look so rad. Everything is on point. Damn girl xxxxx

  2. loving this two piece! wow that shop sounds awesome x
    The Frill Seeker


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