Say Something, I'm Giving Up On You


Tish Jarrett Photography
Purple metallic skater skirt: Missguided
Bralet: Missguided
Creepers: Underground 

Who enjoyed Pancake day? It really crêped up on us there! I enjoyed Pancake day with my flatmates, i ate so many pancakes i now feel like i'm made of pancakes!

Like a magpie i am still obsessed with everything metallic, shiny and holographic! I also love pale pastel colours and am especially obsessed with lilac, mint and baby pink at the moment.

I uploaded one of these pics to my Facebook to which one of my best friends Becky commented (as banter) "I think you might have forgotten your top? Just thought you might not have realised." to which i replied, "Message Becky L, am appalled by message. Top is demonstrably neither forgotten nor absent. Appalled by your blatantly size-ist attitude to top" (if you are a Bridget Jones film buff like myself you will get the reference) needless to say my comment got more comments than the photo... 


  1. This is beautiful! I love the whole combination xo

    1. aw thanks so much Olivia!!
      Hope your having a good week :)


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