thank you, you made my mind up for me when you started to ignore me


Tish Jarrett Photography
Silk Bomber Jacket - Vintage
Favorite Bitch Tee - Fierce T-shirt
Mom Jeans -

Yes the title of this post is a Hilary Duff song because who doesn't love reminding themselves of their childhood and putting on a bit of Hilary? ha

I'm wearing this very cool tee from Fierce T-shirt which boldly states 'Favorite Bitch'. Sometimes i put it on to make myself feel like a bitch (you know you have those days where you just wish you were a bit more a bitch because then people and things couldn't get to you as much?) Yeah i always fail...

Peace out bitches,

(i cant even say that with conviction ha)

lots of love


  1. I completely forgot about Hilary Duff's music career!!! T hen that made me remember Lindsay Lohan's album 'Speak'. What!

    Hott outfit, Mom jeans look amazing on you. Oh & I totally get dressing in a way to make you feel a certain way like with your favourite bitch top. I do it with dark lipstick or big boots then I'm like hrrrrrr I am a strong, powerful woman. haha

    1. Oh my goodness! What good albums they were back in the day! Im going to have to dig them out now! ha

      Ha thanks Chelsea :) yeah think we both do that with lipstick and doc martens ha :P

      we are super women! :)


  2. Wish I could pull off mom jeans, I'll try some time haha

    1. yeah defs try them sometime! I dont think anyone can look bad in mom jeans! :)


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